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The regular swings freak her out but she loves this. #3yearsold #toddlerlife #2moms #halloweencostume

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Instagram:Climbing at the playground before soccer #3yearsold #toddlerlife #2moms

More writing synchronicity

I’m currently writing the prequel to my novel Dal Segno which tells the story of Cam and Sharon getting together. It’s been quite the adventure to shift backwards and figure out who these characters were as 18 and 19 year olds. Spoiler alert, there’s a lot more sex in this book. Anyway…

What’s been interesting is seeing how drastically different the character of Sharon is from what I first imagined. As I mentioned, perhaps not super explicitly, but she is loosely based on my dear friend and apparently prior life spouse Susan. I had a few false starts on this novel but am feeling good about where I am now, which is almost 22,000 words in.

A few days ago I had a dream where Sharon pulls Cam aside and shows her tickets to WWF wrestling. It was such an unexpected thing to dream about but why not? We were occasionally provided the opportunity to attend events at a discount, so that was feasible.

Then, two or three days ago I was talking to a friend of Sarah’s who was at Cherry Point around the same time. She’s helping me with research on Avionics training so I can make their story realistic. Anyway, I couldn’t remember when Susan was also there, so I googled her to find the memorial service speech. Thankfully I saved it on her Together We Served page because I didn’t find it anywhere else. This is where I saw things come together.

  1. Susan wrestled in high school on the boys wrestling team. I have asked her family if she ever watched ‘professional’ wrestling and she didn’t. So I believe the message was simple to point out that connection. I intend to play with it in the story, if it fits.
  2. Susan’s husband’s name was Warren. When I originally named Cam, the only Warren I knew was from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And he was an evil fuck who killed an amazing character, so it’s not a name I have a good association with. I feel like Susan nudged me toward that name as a signal that she was involved in helping me with this book.
  3. Reading the description of Susan in the obit, overall, read so much like Sharon. I know they were generic adjectives, but it just felt like I had intuitively picked up on the important elements for this character.

It’s going to sound really silly, but considering I literally burst into tears when the thought hit me, I don’t want to dismiss it as wishful thinking. My best understanding is that Susan is giving me closure in a completely different way in this lifetime by giving us a proxy story through this book.

It’s really quite the mind fuck to wrap my head around these timelines and lives. I’m trying really hard not to be too distracted from this life while I sort out this other life. It’s quite the journey and I hope the book is enjoyable for everyone else who reads it.

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