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It’s been 4 days since our last nurse (I think). We officially went 3 years and 9 days. Never did I imagine breastfeeding this long. I am grateful for it. Grateful for the immune boosting. The bonding. As a not very physical person it was critical for our bond throughout.

Melody made the decision to be a little girl instead of a baby (we didn’t make either a negative just talked about the benefits of growing up.)

I am taking lecithin twice a day and so far so good. I don’t miss the pain of my daughter’s shallow latch. And we do lots of cuddles. But I am definitely more emotional right now. I am grateful this happened near ovulation and not while I bleed. Emotions are hard enough without extra hormones.

I hope it gets better soon and the production slows down enough so my body is finally my own again. I really want my boobs to shrink some and give me a break.

Here are some tweets I posted to show her journey. We will work on the bed more in the coming days. She has needed the comfort of sleeping with us. But she should be ok soon. We will also start potty training as soon as my wife can handle it. I have too much work to do to be much help with it unfortunately.

Instagram:Bedtime cuddles instead of boobies #3yearsold #naturalweaning

Instagram:Working on a nap in her bed #3yearsold #transitions #stepbystep

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