Quick kiddo update

Melody passed out twice in two days but has been fine since. They checked everything, including doing an echo on her heart due to my family history. The only remaining step is to do a 30 day heart monitor. That should arrive this week.

Our theory is that she has an intermittent heart rhythm thing and when it happens she intuitively holds her breath. Then she passes out. If this is what it is, we can teach Mels to breathe through it. She already knows how to take deep breaths so it should work. Our guides tell us she shouldn’t have to stop doing sports or anything like that. But we’ll see what happens.

I’m pretty confident it won’t be a big deal. But we don’t want her randomly passing out and hurting herself. Time will tell.

One Response to “Quick kiddo update”

  1. meridith Says:

    I’ve been thinking all the good thoughts for her and you all. I hope it’s a painless fix.

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