Things to write later

It’s the middle of the night. Hopefully this list will make it easier to blog later.

– dino dana has been a surprise blessing as melody is learning to make observations and infer things about new animals from them. At 2 and a half!

– moving the toddler bed to the wall actually made it easier to transition.

– moving kid into toddler bed has meant having sex for the first time in probably a year. No exaggeration. Parenting this kid can be hard.

– we might be hitting threenager early.

– most days i get angry at her. It’s something I have to work on.

– money is so tight and it’s making me a poor parent at times.

– creating a business while learning to be a parent in hard!

– things are looking up though. I have real hope.

– as hard as things are, we aren’t living in Houston anymore and dealing with flooding. Or Florida and facing down a massive hurricane. Be safe folks!

Now maybe I can sleep.

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