Parenting sick kids

I’m not an awful parent, but I kinda suck at parenting when tired. I am too short with her and too quick to anger when she won’t sit still and keep the mess localized. So when kiddo gets sick at 6am I’m less compassionate than I should be. That’s how yesterday started. She woke up ‘spilling’ (throwing up). She still had some undigested food in her stomach from the previous evening which was fun. Got her cleaned up enough, and the beds to go back to sleep for a bit. She woke up again throwing up. That put her on stomach rest for a while. I diluted some gatorade, since we had that and not pedialyte, and that helped for a bit. But it seemed like an hour was all she could hold things down for. Thankfully we had a sublingual zofran. And then her ass exploded all over the bed. So…fun? However that seemed to be the last thing her body needed. She hasn’t thrown up since. Her poops are not happy but at least her colon has to be cleaned out!

Forgot to mention, I found use for amazon’s prime now service! We couldn’t find our spare mattress cover but found one on prime now for $18 and they could deliver within 2-3 hours! Woohoo! What’s cute is they delivered it in a paper grocery bag. Maybe that’s just amusing for me? In any case, while we could have washed the sheets in that same time, assuming the washer wasn’t already full of gross stuff, we still needed this. Hooray for modern convenience!

Last night when I came home she literally threw herself on my boobs. She had to have been so hungry and thirsty and needing comfort. Breastfeeding may be challenging sometimes, but last night it was nice to know I could still support her body and heart when she needed it most. Though this morning we had to cut her off and bribe her with watching My Little Pony. I just couldn’t take another hour of nursing and we needed to get actual food. 

Today she ate mostly plain noodles at the buffet, and drank strawberry lemonade. I love that she’s so in tune with her body that she didn’t eat anything that was too stressful for her stomach. Hopefully she holds it down today and she’ll be 100% tomorrow. I’d like to not worry about her while I’m working. 

Hopefully soon she’ll learn to predict when she will get sick so we can get her something to be sick into. That’s a cool milestone you don’t think of before you have kids! Haha

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