Parenting is a challenge. Everyone knows that. But some kids make it easier than others. Melody is one of those easy kids. She’s got a good ‘temperment’ for lack of a better word. That has been cultivated, primarily by my wife who set up good habits, manners, and discipline so she actually listens really well for a two year old. She says please and thank you, even if it’s out of context. It’s adorable. She has a good feel for when we are serious with a no, since we don’t say no all the time. We give her space to be two. Though we both struggle with whining and being loud.

Overall, we have a really happy kiddo who is wicked smart. She behaves rather well. She has opinions, which we respect whenever possible. I almost don’t want to send her to school where she can get corrupted!

Every day I am impressed and amazed by her. Today at McDonald’s she fell trying to get into the playland. It hurt her elbow a bit, and even though she was crying pretty hard (which is rare) she was saying she would try again. Talk about a parenting win! Again, the credit goes to my wife who didn’t think she was too young to build these life skills. I love it!

If we can just make it through 2 and even 3 like this I’ll take it!

And on the days that suck more, we’re still doing a pretty good job. Our kid is safe, fed, and loved. She knows this. Even with a year of self employment under my belt my kid does not want for food or even toys. That’s a pretty big accomplishment! Melody is a very vocal kid, but she’s still hard to understand some days. But we both figure it out before too long.

I’m working on acknowledging things in my life, as that’s the biggest gap in my creation of a badass life.

I’m glad for all the videos I get to take. I hope they bring a little joy to other people’s lives as well. I know I enjoy watching other people’s family videos. Kids are so amazing!

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