Tonight Melody said “those my favorite” which is a word I didn’t know she knew yet. One guess what she was referring too…. yeah…boobies. lol But I had a talk with her about not getting boobies forever and that she would get too big and get lots of cuddles instead. She only really nurses at night and some mornings, or when really overwhelmed like on this trip. But that last bit of weaning can take a while, so we’ll see. In any case it was really cute and I wanted to remember that on our second mother’s day I was told my boobies are her favorite. Hahaha

Side note, watching Rugrats in the hotel room and it totally made me cry. It’s an episode where Chucky is trying to find a mom and finally his dad shares about his mom and a poem she wrote him. It’s something that really affects me. Thankfully the rest of the episodes have just been fun. Melody isn’t watching, but I’m having fun with it.

Well hell, Melody is playing with her ipad so I’ll keep writing. We’ve been in Arizona since Thursday for an expo. It went ok on the surface with some really positive leads for future work. It’s basically paid for the trip. The first two days Melody and mommy stayed in the hotel. Today we all went to the expo. Melody got so dirty playing in dirt and rocks and such. She had a blast but is low on sleep. Tomorrow we head to Sedona for just one day of R&R. If we had more money we’d stay for two. We’ll definitely be back in the future. We drove down 25 and then cut over to Durango between Colorado Springs and Pueblo which is a great drive. We have more time to stop and look at things on the way back and plan to hit one national park each day. Then Thursday is a busy day of networking and following up with people.

There’s a lot upcoming with this business. We’re going to split off the Colorado division as soon as I have 100 grand in revenue which is very doable this year. I’m going to be 51% owner of the company (which gets us the women owned business designation). And overall we have a lot of exciting things coming along for us and the larger company as a whole. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

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