When books speak

There are some books that have made such a large impact in my life as to completely change it. One series has been the Conversations with God and subsequent books by Neale Donald Walsch. He recently, unexpectedly released Book 4, Awaken the Species. I listened to it on audiobook which was particularly awesome, especially the female God reader. I experienced many times feeling like God was truly speaking to and through me. It was an amazing experience, one that I never once felt in my entire childhood of churchgoing.

I ordered a hard copy of the book because there was so much good information that I can use to teach others. More importantly, it is another perspective on living an awakened life which is very helpful.

I know this is vague but I recommend it to all the spiritually minded folks out there. If you are struggling to be a better person, give this whole series a listen. Stop judging the crap out of yourself and see that you are already doing a great job.

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