Taking care of the body

In our BNI chapter is a cool personal training center that is medically guided. They do normal and unique bloodwork (for dietary things for instance) and have a fancy body analysis machine. They recently were voted #6 in Denver so offered a special which I jumped on. So now I (and my wife when she’s able to go) are doing 6 weeks. Today was my first real training day, but the second of physical effort. So far I did blood and an initial body scan. I also did one last year in October so I got the results sent to me so I could document where I am starting from and show how quickly things can change if you aren’t doing things.

Here’s a screen capture. (Note, had to upgrade to have more room for pictures so soon there will be more pictures showing up and saving from instagram.)

Body analysis March 2017 Jackie capture

Right now the goals are to lose weight, feel stronger and better, and build up to hiking and running before our Arizona trip the second week of May. And for my wife to just be stronger in general and rehab enough to do things more consistently like bike riding or walking.

But for now, toddler is asking for pants to go outside in the snow. 🙂

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