2 years old

Time for another summary. The videos show some of Melody’s development, but only some. Melody is now officially 2. For as long as she’s been building, 2 isn’t bad yet. This is entirely due to my wife’s influence as alpha for kids and dogs. There are more ideas about disciplining kids than there are kids I think, so this is what works for us. It may not work for other kids.

  1. Time outs. We just started doing these, but they are done in a specific manner and for use when the activity is dangerous, like jumping on the couch. We make her sit or lay down and then only restrain her enough to keep her from getting back up. She is done within 2 minutes at the most and she stops what she’s doing. If she doesn’t, we repeat and never had to do it more than twice. During that time we explain what she isn’t supposed to do, and why. I think this works because Melody is so aware and interested in knowing things.
  2. Hold hands. This has been happening or a lot longer. Holding her hands to stop her from what she’s doing isn’t a full restraint, and that is a good thing. It just breaks her focus so she can make a different choice.
  3. No hitting. We definitely don’t use any hitting. I’m especially still working on more calm voices but so far so good. I’m grateful for my wife’s lead on this.

Because of this, Melody is actually a good kid. She doesn’t have a lot of tantrums and they rarely last long. The easiest way to piss her off is to take the ipad away, so we hide it or lie about it not having batteries. Ah the parenting lies. As she’s older we’ll explain limits but she doesn’t understand them yet. At this point she gets the ipad in the evenings that I am driving late so everyone can rest. Thanks to the ipad she’s learned her letters and numbers faster than otherwise. She knows all her letters by site, and doesn’t know the alphabet song. She can count almost to 20 (sometimes a number or two is skipped) and she’s learning to recognize the teens. That’s a hard visual concept but she’s getting there.

Her biggest frustration appears to be the inability to write. She has so many things in her head but she can’t make her hands do what she wants. So we’re starting to hold her hand and write letters. I have no idea how long it will take but as long as she’s happy, I’m happy with her progress.

She still loves her books, especially if we don’t leave the ipad out. She’ll read through anything. Magazines, 700 page books, whatever. She just wants to know everything. I’m starting to plan out preschool for her next year, given her thirst for knowledge. If things build well in the business then we can afford it. If not, then we’ll keep doing what we’re doing and re-evaluate.

Melody’s language keeps growing. She’s trying to copy longer sentences and refine her words. It’s so cute. I’m sure I’ll miss this time, but I also look forward to more refined communication.

Physically she’s doing fine. She just graduated from megabloks to duplo because she was frustrated at how the megabloks don’t stick together well. So that’s a good fine motor development. She’s enjoying cars and trains, and balls of all sizes. She’s not the most athletic, but she’s not totally uncoordinated. In many ways she reminds me of me. I’ll support her with anything she’s interested in but I hope getting her in soccer before long will help her with her physical development. I’ve also noticed she seems to be kinda literal in her imaginative play, which is also like me. I’m strangely disappointed with that. Clearly I view this as a negative in myself, so I’ll work on that so I don’t make her wrong for who she is.

The other day we went to the park and she sat on the swings forever! Well, forever in toddler time. It was easily 15 minutes. It was nice to not have to climb all over everything for two hours. We still had plenty of fun on everything else too. We have a great week of weather ahead of us so I need to take her to some more parks. It’s good for both of us. I’m spending too much time inside trying to get business going.

Well that’s all I can think of at the moment. I’ll probably remember something as soon as I walk away from the computer.

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