On the verge of 2

Everyone says this, but I can’t believe I almost have a two year old. I mean, how have these years flown by so fast? It’s the power of children. In the past week or so Melody has gone from partial sentences to something more formal. I have heard her say things like I want ipad. I  want ____. She’s also saying come here properly, instead of saying go away when she means come here. It’s most frequently used with ‘open gate’ so she can go downstairs. I try to get videos of things but she has a 6th sense for that sort of thing and gets quiet. 😛 Last night I caught her saying “not too big. not too tough’ so clearly Wonder Pets are important in her life!

We do too much screen time some days but it’s necessary for our current situation. My wife has been struggling with illnesses, lyme, and now a dislocated shoulder. So we need things to engage her when she doesn’t feel like books. She does read a lot of books. Her favorite activity is identifying letters and numbers. She has multiple abc books and her favorite bath toys are the foam letters and numbers. Who knew (besides experienced parents that is)? She has about half the letters down, if not more. I fully expect her to read by 3 at this rate. And if not, that’s ok, but it’s hard to imagine her slowing down at all. She also has this habit of skipping numbers so she can get to 7 which she loves. It’s a fun game for her to mess with us I think.

As for games, she loves games on the ipad. This kid switches between her apps and has a half dozen going at a time. It’s crazy since she can’t read! She goes between youtube kids, where apparently it’s fun watching adults play with toys? She’s also discovered new shows on there, like Taro (?) which is about cars and busses and stuff. She then plays her talking tom game, or her sesame street games. Or watches a movie. We have learned to lie and say the battery is dead no matter what the level is so she won’t get so mad when we take it away. Lord help us when she figures out how to tell the battery level. But by then we’ll have gotten my wife’s health figured out I hope.

She’s starting to sleep in her bed more. Or was until I drove a lot at night. Now she’s with me more but still crawls over to her bed. So it’s a work in progress. Nursing as well continues at night. I think that might take a few months to resolve honestly. Potty training isn’t really happening because we haven’t committed to it. She’s also decided not to do it at the moment. My wife asked her if she wants to learn to use the potty. She said no, diaper. lol Hard to argue with that.

The dog is complicated. She loves him but also yells at him all the time. This is our fault because we have to correct him all the time. He likes to jump and reach onto the tables and stuff. It’s harder to train a 1 year old than a puppy I think. In any case, I’m not a huge fan of the dog but that’s on me, not him. He’s not horrible, I’m just stressed out and easily frustrated. I just need to learn how to get him to not jump because that’s dangerous. Also, he tends to eat things he shouldn’t. It’s all a work in progress. And Melody is slowly learning to regulate her emotions like any toddler.

Next month should be a small, low key birthday. Her godmother flies in for it, but that’s about it. I’d rather my parents come later. It will be less stressful considering how crazy this winter has been. I don’t want to worry about weather an have a full house when we’re so tight on money.

I hope we can afford the aquarium again soon. Melody still talks about petting the stingrays 5 days later. I think we’ll buy a yearly pass once I have the money to do so. Then we can go whenever she wants. Where else can you safely pet a sting ray? In Colorado? 🙂

Here’s to almost 2 years with this amazing kiddo. She’s been very cuddly lately, perhaps to soften us up for 2. 😉 Either way, bring it on.

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