Catching up on Winter and Visitors

Thank God for cross posting automatically from Instagram. I don’t have enough time in the day to do what I need to do, much less what I want to do. So this falls to the side for months. Here are some highlights for the last few months.

For Halloween time (plus or minus a week or so) our friend Sarah visited. That’s always a ton of fun and very helpful. During that time we also all got sick as hell. Melody ended up in Children’s hospital for a day and a half or so because we couldn’t keep her hydrated even with medication. We’re grateful to have that option so close.

My birthday, 38 this year, was low key. We did our standard visit to Texas Roadhouse (my mom always buys a gift card). Melody figured out it was my birthday somehow and wanted to give me a present. She energetically demanded all our loved ones come visit and they created some new ‘holy water’ so to speak. Sometimes that kid is so sweet it’s beyond words.

Thanksgiving was delicious. Carrie did a great job and she even had Melody help with some food prep. It’s her favorite holiday so we do our best to have a good day. During the weekend I got the tree up and the ornaments are haphazard like they should be when a toddler is in the house. lol

I finally setup my drumset at the request of Melody’s angel. Apparently winter is going to be a challenge because Melody can’t be outside nearly enough. So it was recommended to have the drumset plus the trampoline to keep her entertained. Well she thought that was pretty awesome. I decided to try finding her a smaller drumset so she can play more easily without me holding her. She’s still a bit too small to play the bass drum while sitting, and she does better it seems when I’m not there (maybe because I can play for her). She loves going to the basement though. Between the drums and guitars she’s in heaven.

After getting the drums initially setup I noticed I was thinking about my departed friend Ellen a lot. I was out driving for lyft/uber when I had this sense she was right there with me. I played riot grrl as much as I could that night and it really felt like when we would drive home after working at Dominos. When I asked I was told she was there to kick my ass a bit to reconnect to music. I’m grateful she could stop in and help me out. I miss her. It’s already been 7 1/2 years I think. Things have changed a lot. But there’s no one else like Ellen. Or Susan. Or anyone else I’ve lost. That’s how people work though huh? I’m grateful they were in my life. I’m grateful I was aware of her presence and could enjoy the evening hanging out with her spirit.

Beyond that, we have a dog now. A puppy really, since he’s only a year old. I don’t really have a connection to him. He’s for the family, and I’m just not into having a dog right now. Thankfully I don’t have to. He’s technically my mother-in-law’s to help her with her depression and get her out of her room more. He’s doing well in that area, and he entertains Melody a lot. And Carrie likes him too. In fact, he’s one of her previous dogs from childhood so he listens to her. Overall, he’s a net positive. I’m just ambivalent personally. And not amused with the chewing, but that’s a puppy. My job is to keep buying bones and stuff to try to help him.

Finally, we’re still breastfeeding. It’s entirely due to Melody’s stubbornness. Since she got sick she got more possessive about breastfeeding because they didn’t let her nurse for a good 24 hours roughly so her gut could rest. And her intuition tells her she doesn’t need it for nutrition anymore. Her reaction is basically ‘my body isn’t the boss of me’. So….no clue how we’re going to do this weaning thing. On weeks like this where breastfeeding minimized her cold it’s hard to think about weaning. And emotionally it’s hard, yet I also value my sanity so we need to do this at some point. We’re also working on getting her into her own bed. We started with a new nemo bed/crib set, which is her favorite thing now. Then we moved her bed right next to my side. It isn’t perfect but it works. She has used it for short periods of sleep. We’re not pressuring her so there isn’t any push back. It’s getting there. And now she’s crying so I’m off to bed. Hopefully I can update more this year. lol

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