Quick update 18 months

I suck at written updates, especially sincettransitioning to self employment. But at least there are lots of videos and pictures. 

What is 18 months like? It’s amazing and challenging and like nothing I expected. She’s definitely not a baby anymore. She has desires and makes them known with far more words than I expected. She really does have over a hundred at this point and can repeat many more. She’s got colors down pretty solid and the counting…I didn’t know she could learn this young! She definitely wouldn’t know nearly as much without sesame street, though my wife and mother-in-law get a lot of credit too. But counting was totally sesame street, as evidenced by her count laugh when she feels done counting. It’s so cute!

We haven’t had music class in a while but since discovering her interest in piano I setup our keyboard in the bedroom. She plunks around and even ‘sings’. If it isn’t obvious from the videos she isn’t just mashing keys but trying to spread her tiny fingers. I believe she already knows how to play and simply needs to be reminded. Reincarnation is very real folks. She also got a toy xylophone from my parents while home which she loves and is far less annoying than expected. Music is clearly something she will like for some time. While on our road trip we visited Birch Creek, my favorite place growing up because of the intense music education. I loved having her meet people I knew 20 years ago. I hope she can attend too. 

Not to just brag, but nursing is becoming a point of contention. She nurses a lot still. She actually sometimes goes down for a nap faster with a bottle than nursing  but not if I am in the room. I don’t mind some nursing because she needs the benefits and hydration (why won’t she just drink?!) but those teeth are more problematic as she’s a lazy nurser (and acrobatic like most toddlers). So I am trying to find a way to set boundaries. Unfortunately she’s very attached to boobies for comfort so it’s challenging. 

So teeth…they are catching up. She has 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. The molars are moving but we don’t expect them for a while. This makes eating easier which is great because she loves eating. She’s messy and sometimes plays more than eats but it’s great. We try to let her choose her food, which helps. If she could just stop putting applesauce in her hair we’d be great. Lol She has learned different shrieks this past week. I am not thrilled. Lol she still loves drawing and coloring and stacking blocks and kicking balls. Basically she’s an active toddler thirsty for knowledge and communication. At 18 months. Hopefully the coming months means getting her into her own bed and nursing less but we will see. This is all reasonable, just quickly approaching a time when it doesn’t work well for us. 

I will try to update more besides pictures. BTW I keep reading lots of blogs but don’t click through to like and comment but I enjoy learning what other families are doing as well. 🙂

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