The weirdest day

I don’t know what created today, but it was an oddly awesome one because of how well it worked out for me.

I needed to leave work early this afternoon because my mother-in-law had a doctor appointment and my wife had a fever and major pain so someone needed to help with the baby. As I left work, I saw someone get tackled/arrested by the fire department. Odd, but they weren’t beating the guy, he wasn’t resisting, so it was all ok. I drove another block and stopped for the light. A woman came up to my car, clearly upset, asking for help. I had to decide quickly whether to ignore her or not. So I rolled down my window and she explained her boyfriend hit her and she just needed to get a few blocks away before he came after her. Again, I had to make a choice. I unlocked the door, as there were no alarm bells going off in my intuition. She asked to go to McDonalds which wasn’t far at all, but being in a car was faster and safer, even though I was a stranger. As we drove I asked if she could report it. She said she couldn’t due to a traffic warrant. I asked about the women’s shelter, but they apparently require a police report. I told her to have a friend report it so at least there is something. Then she called her friend to say she was at McDonald’s and we learned the firemen got him – which was the arrest I witnessed! She was getting pretty upset, but she was ok. I made sure she was where she wanted to be and headed home. I didn’t ask her name or anything. It was surreal but I was clearly at the right place at the right time.


Just that is plenty, but the day was just starting. After being home I went out to buy a deep freeze for only $35. Before I left I thought, why don’t I grab some Usborne stuff so I can try to stop at a pediatrician or dentist office and sell some books. I think my intuition was telling me something, even if it wasn’t for what I thought it was for. The family I met was very nice. I talked to them about the awesomeness of the Ford Flex. Then we talked about how she’s homeschooling her oldest kid and has a 4th kid on the way. I asked if she was familiar with Usborne and she was an enthusiastic fan. So I asked why she didn’t join, and her reasons weren’t very good. lol So I told her all the great ways to build an Usborne business. Besides the normal facebook and home parties, there’s also the book fairs, book drives, fundraisers, and so many places to do all those. And it’s only $75 to join! No sales minimums or inventory required. I gave her my little welcome kit and told her I would follow-up with her if I didn’t hear from her soon. Even if she only used it to get a discount on her personal purchases it would pay for itself rather fast. It’s a win-win. 🙂 Ultimately, I’m hopeful to get a recruit. I need at least 3 to promote to a team leader so that’s been my focus lately.


While there I got a text. Active shooter in Downtown Denver! I wasn’t at work so I didn’t have to worry. I was very grateful to not be at work, even if it was many blocks away. I would have been paranoid walking back to my car.


So, definitely a weird day. Now it’s past time for bed!

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