15 and three quarters

We like to say that Melody looks like such a big girl with her top teeth. It’s not the only way we see her change daily though. In the past week she’s learned hugs. Real, two arms thrown wide, hugs. And they are awesome! Not only does she open her arms as wide as possible she pats with her hands. There is no hug as awesome as that hug!

This weekend she gained two freckles as well. One rather dark on her knee and a light one on her lower arm. I have no clue when kids start getting freckles but it’s interesting. She kept trying to figure out how to get the arm one off while camping. Lol

She’s really discovering her shadow and can point to it, so she’s also learned the word. I posted some videos the other day. It’s so cute to watch her discover everything. Camping brought up a few new discoveries. She got to watch the squirrel, pick up and taste many rocks, and see horses in pasture. Thankfully we didn’t see bears though tracks were spotted. We did see many deer though. And she got to carefully interact with two dogs. She’s remarkably respectful and cautious around animals. Hopefully that continues. 

All in all a few days of camping in the mountains, next to loudly rushing water, was refreshing for us all. Melody slept deeper than I can ever remember allowing a bit more sleep for us as well. She’s continued sleeping a little more easily at home. Maybe she can maintain this so we can all sleep better. 🙂

As we quickly approach 16 months she’s clearly a toddler. Independent, obsessed with Sesame Street, yet so loving and happy. Still nursing and sleeping with us for a little while longer. Still our baby but running headlong into little kid. 

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