15 month milestones 

I am a bit behind on these but it’s ok. So to start, the peanut sprouted and moved up some percentages. She’s lean and strong so while almost 21 pounds she’s in 12 month bottoms or they would just fall off. Lol so far she has her donor’s build. 

As of her appointment the only developmental milestones she hadn’t hit was climbing on things and stacking three things. Since her appointment she started climbing on chairs, which is adorable but nerve wracking. Stacking blocks will take longer because knocking things over is more interesting to her. Maybe I should have ignored the site that said to teach her to knock over towers? 

Her words are expanding by sesame street characters which is fun. She knows Elmo, Abby, Big Bird and Cookie Monster who is just Cookie. Lol her favorite words are more, elmo, meow, turtle, quack quack, more, more, more… Can you tell she loves more? She tends to call animals by their sounds except for turtle, probably because they don’t have a sound. Her pody is named nee, her giant duck is quack quack, though elmo is elmo. And she’s just started to say boobies. Lol a lot of other sounds can be determined by context but there’s also a lot of miscommunication leading to whining or yelling on her part. Toddlers are interesting. 

Her sleep has gone to hell. We think it’s payback for all the sleeping she did earlier. And now she has a cold so sleep is almost nonexistent. Hooray for coffee and asea!

I am cutting back to one pump a day at work and will let her self wean at home. We haven’t introduced any milk substitutes yet but she drinks diluted tea for hydration. She gets only a few ounces of pumped milk for naps. 

She’s still in our bed but we’re going to try naps in the crib soon. Hopefully that goes ok. 

I need to eat and pump so this will do for now. 

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