Book Party!

A few weeks back I learned of two book companies that use consultants to sell their books. I joined one of them, Usborne Books and More. They are an independent publisher and growing quickly.

How are you doing on building a home library for the little ones in your life? I have a pretty good start on Melody’s, but am always on the lookout for more. That’s why I joined Usborne Books as a consultant. They have excellent books at reasonable prices and I earn free books and money by working with them! I would love to share these books with you as well.

On April 1 I am doing a facebook party which is a very simple way to share these books with you. If you RSVP yes or maybe you will be entered to win free shipping for your order, and if you attend live you could win a free book ($10 and under). How does it get better than that?

Who do you shop for? All I need are the ages and interests and I can make you a customized wish list! For example, Melody is only 14 months but loves animals and texture books. Usbourne has many books that fit her interests already. 🙂


I’m always looking for people to host a party. As a host you earn free books just for inviting people to an event that I run. It takes very little time on your part and you get the rewards. If you book a party in the next month you get double rewards! You don’t have to decide now. Come to the facebook party and see how easy it is and then decide.

I hope to see you at the party! If you want to look at books now, visit my website:


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