Sick day again

Melody has gone from a cold to potentially whooping cough in a few short days. When I looked up treatment last night I learned the early symptoms are exactly what she had: runny nose, sneezing, normal cold like symptoms that turn into a deep cough. Well the deep cough arrived yesterday so we’re heading to the pediatrician today.

We’ve all had the vaccine. I got it while pregnant and she had hers when it was time. Unfortunately it’s not 100% and there are a lot of cases in Colorado where vaccine rates are low. Now, I understand the fear people have of vaccines. We personally chose a delayed schedule so she never had more than one shot per leg. We have a sensitive kid and we don’t want to find out how sensitive by unnecessarily loading her body down. The only vaccines we’ve skipped are hep B so far. We have a receptive pediatric practice that allows people to do alternative and no vaccine schedules, though they do believe in them and recommend them. And I’m certain there are a few horrible vaccines out there from companies that are lying about their results, most notably the HPV vaccine. And I’m also pretty convinced that we’re being lied to about the effectiveness of many vaccines, the most notable of which is mmr right now. If you noticed, the recent mumps outbreak in Colorado was in kids who were vaccinated and should have had active, full immunity. Basically, I view our system of testing drugs in the US as being horribly broken and not to be trusted. It needs to be reformed so we can trust the various medications and make informed decisions. Anyway….my hope is that this stays milder because she’s had exposure to the vaccine, but hasn’t had the full sequence yet.

Onto the fun stuff. She’s learning new things so fast! Her favorite things right now include throwing her diapers away, looking at the trash but finally not touching it, ‘helping’ me scoop the litter box (even when there’s nothing to scoop), and going outside. She’s learning that books are read front to back and is learning to turn the pages on non-board books. Her new favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I like it too because we get to practice color words and animal sounds. I had her growling for the bear today which was awesome. I’m trying to teach her bear claws to go with it. Hopefully we can consistently have 4 animal sounds going now, between monkey, dog, cat, and bear. Oh, and owl! We learned owl the other night in a different book. I know words are important, but she’s learning different ways to use her mouth which is equally important and super cute. In the word front she’s learned wow, ow, no (yay) and even managed why this morning. Her words keep improving every day.

Thirteen months is pretty fun so far! I’ve increased how much I talk to her, and about what. I guess the book Baby Rules made an impression on me. I’m making the effort to be more involved even though I’m tired. I’m pulling out books for her to read and wrestling with her more. She’s being really good about me going to work though I wish she’d give me a hug when I got home. Instead I’m greeted with a smile and then she returns to what she was doing, often showing it to me. I know she’s happy so I am adjusting my expectations to what she requires in her life.  It appears she requires me to not interrupt until she’s done doing things. Haha

I’m likely forgetting something but this is a good start. Things change so fast. With the newborn stage they change physically so fast. Now the change is internal more than external. Definitely interesting!

4 Responses to “Sick day again”

  1. AndiePants Says:

    I work in sexual health and see a LOT of epi data. The HPV vaccine is probably one of the most effective available, when it’s given as intended (three doses, prior to sexual activity) and cases of cervical and other related cancer have PLUMMETED since it has been on the schedule. It’s a cancer vaccine, and the myths propogated about it are absolutely false. Its incredibly safe. It doesn’t protect against every strain of HPV, or even every cancerous strain, but the multivaliant dose we have now is SO effective. I am on a local workgroup trying to increase vaccination rates, so I have lots of really solid data that are NOT from pharmaceutical companies, that I’d be happy to share because I care a LOT about this issue!

  2. butchjax Says:

    I know that data. But I also know things that have been hidden that will come out in the future. Hpv isn’t without severe side affects in some kids that are higher than the manufacturer reports.

  3. AndiePants Says:

    I’d push back on that – where is that information coming from? Adverse reactions happen of course, but not in any significantly higher rate than normal, and not the kinds of reactions that are often reported in the media (ie: retardation or other severe disabilities) Do you have sources? I haven’t seen any of this and I do a lot of research on it.

  4. butchjax Says:

    You won’t have these sources. Our sources are our spirit guides which we have a very strong connection to. So we have access to a lot of information that others don’t have. The company stands to lose a ridiculous amount of money when this information does come out. I understand what you are basing your perspective on and if that was my only source I would agree with you. But with all of the information at my disposal I can’t support the vaccine and discourage people from getting it. I’m sure they can improve the vaccine and then it will be something I can support. Until then I wouldn’t risk my child’s life on a cancer that we can detect and treat.

    If our system had more checks and balances this would already have happened because they couldn’t have sent it to market until it was safer. I’m a supporter of vaccines. I’m just not a supporter of our system and corrupt companies.

    I don’t expect other people to just trust my source, but I do. Years of experience has shown me that I can trust my source. They can’t tell us everything, we have to make our own decisions, but they are often allowed to confirm that an issue exists (in these types of cases). Ultimately, you need to make your best decision. It’s ok to disagree.

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