Living an aware life story

This week I’ve been doing better with trying out this slow carb diet from Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Body. It’s challenging, but there are certainly benefits. Right now I am struggling with snacks and eating enough when I am not supposed to eat carbs. Anyway, this morning I didn’t have enough breakfast, so I thought I would grab a protein box from Starbucks. What I forgot is that half the box is fruit, and another bit is a flatbread thing, all not allowed on the diet. I ate one apple slice and one grape, but my body told me it really didn’t want it so I put it in my bag for a later snack. Then, as I was walking to work I saw a homeless man grab a partial bottle of water out of the trash. I walked faster to catch up to him, taking my fruit and such out of my bag as I walked. He stopped to light a cigarette and I asked him if he’d like some fruit and such. He was very pleasant and accepted. I continued on my way to work feeling much lighter.
This isn’t a story meant to make me look good, but it’s an example of what kinds of things happen when you set your intention to live an aware, benevolent life. How did it play out here? First, I bought the box for the egg. Then, I listened to my body when it said no fruit. Then I was aware enough to see the homeless man and recognize his needs. And finally I chose to pass along the food that was never actually meant for me in the first place. I believe that I was lead to buy that box so I could be put into this situation to choose. In the past I might have forced myself to eat the fruit on the way to work. Or I would have been lost in thought and not recognized the benevolent opportunity in front of me. Or I would have talked myself out of approaching him when I heard him cussing to himself. But I didn’t, and it feels awesome.
I’ve been asking the Universe to show me the gift of me. I didn’t do it today, but I’ve done it multiple times so I think it’s carried over. Today I was a gift simply by sharing what I had with someone who didn’t have much. That man has fruit and some protein to start his day with. His body has fuel to fight off the cold and hopefully keep him healthy. And I have the gift of being aware of it all. How does it get better than that?

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