If it weren’t for instagram…

I’d post nothing at all. Wow, it’s been so long since I actually wrote an update. I’m so glad to have discovered software that automatically posts everything here. So much of Melody is easiest to explain with video. There’s no way to describe how awesome she is, or how much joy she brings us without video. And then we get to share that joy, which is even better.

Last week I worked from home because my wife’s grandma died, sending my mother-in-law back to Indiana. We didn’t want to risk my wife being home alone without support. The work I needed to do could easily be done from home so I totally took advantage of that. Then Friday night I started feeling off. Saturday left me nauseous and I haven’t had a normal meal since. It honestly reminds me of the first trimester where I was always hungry and always nauseous so I never ate. God I hated that. I have managed to not throw up by avoiding too much food. I had less luck avoiding diarrhea issues, but finally put pads to use (since my period has blissfully not returned yet). So…I have been working from home this week as well. I want to try to go to work tomorrow since I should be able to handle the nausea alone working. I mean I did it for months. I hated it, but I did it. This is a great reminder for any time I get a random bit of baby fever!

Melody continues doing awesome. She’s growing so fast. Every day I think her brain grows another level. She learned what a block was after telling her just once and giving her a bag of them, which is bizarre since it usually takes a few times at least. Side note, foam blocks are the way to go at this age. Anyway…we’re working on colors and identifying various objects. She’s pretty consistent now with things like her nose, ear, belly, diaper, and foot. Colors are harder, though purple seems to be the easiest for her to remember. She’s also been telling us when her diaper is wet (even just a little) so we’re going through diapers more but she’s also fighting the change. Unfortunately her interest has meant fighting her hands so they don’t end up in poop or cream. That’s why the snoofybee pad is the greatest thing ever. Seriously recommend it for everyone and she loves it.

We’ve also discovered that our Colorado baby is one, through and through. She loves going outside. And it’s not to play on her swing or slide, which is a big too much for her yet. She just wants to talk and touch things and of course go straight to the street… Every day is a victory in keeping her alive. lol It’s so good for me though. I love the outdoors too, but I get caught up in what i have to do, or the internet, and I am rarely outside. Now that I have my own yard there’s no reason to stay inside all the time. Especially not during our warm February. I’m going to pick her up a fancy wagon so we can walk farther to explore different areas rather than just using the stroller. Plus it doubles for going to the store and stuff.

On the home front we haven’t made much progress settling in. We are in a liveable state, but just barely. It didn’t help being sick. And then David taking a crappy sales job that has him working long hours for basically nothing. So there just aren’t enough people to help. And my wife is having a really bad set of autoimmune flare up. We saw a rheumatologist but are waiting on test results. Friday we got back to the family doctor to put her back on some pain meds. She went off them to see where her real pain levels were at. It allows her to reduce her dosage compared to before which is important for her. I’m hoping for a breakthrough soon. We have kept the worst of it at bay using body processes (specifically MTVSS on the immune system) which brings the inflammation down enough for the pain to be bearable. I don’t know how it works, just that it does.

So that’s where we are at currently. I loved my time working from home. Maybe I will be able to use this to really get a handle on paying down our debt, reducing the unnecessary spending, increasing the income so I can then dial back on how much I work. I feel like the energy shifted a bit. I might also see what other times I can work from home and simply ask to do it more often. It doesn’t work well all the time, but sometimes it does.


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