Melody’s tricks

Melody finds sounds endlessly amusing but it’s hard to get her best versions on video. We keep trying though. She’s been working on her monkey sounds for a while and this week is adding a dog. It is ridiculously cute. She’s starting to say all sounds with inflection so it sounds like speach even when not words. She’s also increasingly clear in names for people besides us. She’s getting the first sounds of many objects as well. 
This kid is a walking fiend. She walks far more than crawls and rarely stops moving. We joke she’s a shark – if she stops moving she’ll die. It continues to make nap and bed time a blast. 

Nursing continues well. I am pumping at work still and typically have enough for two bottles. I will continue as long as works for us. It’s actually easier now because there’s no pressure. She eats well. If she doesn’t want solids she can have other things. I think that allows me to pump a little quicker now. Though I would love to give her some milk daily for another 6 months and nurse another year but we’ll see. I am simply enjoying it now. 

Thanks to facebook flashbacks I know today is 1 year 10 days. She was so small at 10 days. But time moves on and I am enjoying the changes each day brings. She learns so fast and it’s a joy to watch. 

The challenges now are discipline and helping her develop. I am listening to No-Drama Discipline to help me gain the tools to guide her into adulthood. The other challenge is wanting more time with her. Hopefully I am moving toward a solution. 

Side note, one of her favorite nursing games is to push my nipple in until it stays in. Then suck it out nursing. It doesn’t hurt so I let her do it while I laugh. She can be quite amusing. And since she’s nursing now I better finish and get her back to sleep. 

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