Documenting change for knighthood

So I’m officially going for knighthood at this years Jedi Federation gathering. Not because I wasn’t ready before, but because the conditions weren’t right for me to mess with it and travel to it. Though, the timing this year is fun because my two students are also doing their knighthood trials. Assuming we all pass this will be an event we share together. Pretty neat.

Since my memory sucks many times, I need to start documenting recent changes. One is that I almost never drink soda anymore. Not because I set a rule or anything, which is a rather ineffective way to do something. It’s because I listened to my body and it said it didn’t want it anymore. At home I was drinking water or san pelligrino juice, but eating out was more challenging. And then it slowly dawned on me that I actually drank unsweetened tea just fine! In fact I preferred it much of the time. Silly me. So that’s becoming my go to. I like it with some other flavors, but not sweeteners.

Another thing I’m trying to do more often is drink a full glass of almond milk before bed. There’s an old post about it, but it’s a trick learned from a Chinese medicine practitioner to calm indigestion/heartburn. (Honestly I don’t remember which is which. I know, it’s weird. I also don’t know if I’m using these parentheses appropriately or if I’m totally abusing them. hahaha)

I’ve been really focusing on using my tools lately. Yes, I still get really intense sometimes. I want to cuss people out (or do if in the car and no one can hear me). I want to just blow people off. And sometimes do. But I also ask questions. I create more space. I look for more allowance. It’s always been important, but now knowing that people will be interviewing me and likely trying to get me to react I need to get a lot better at not reacting. These tools need to be second nature. Especially the urge to get defensive about them to people who don’t understand them.

In the coming months my shift is to meditation and physical health. If we weren’t in the moving process I would have taken Melody out for a walk today. It was so beautiful! Fifty degrees and sunny means no coats in Colorado! But there will be more days like that and we’ll be at the new house so I can take her for a walk around the neighborhood. Beyond the aerobic side of things I need to keep strengthening my body. Carrying a very wiggly and strong almost toddler is causing back pain and strain again. I could go to physical therapy but I really don’t have time. Instead I need to find time for yoga and body weight exercises. Hopefully having David here (my old student and soon to be knight) will help because there will be another person to watch Melody and help out around the house. Then it won’t all sit on me when people are not feeling well. Plus he can help me practice my tools as well since we have the same tools. It’s always easier to remember the tools when it applies to someone else after all.


And finally, sleep. Sleep has to be prioritized which is why I’m going to post this and finish getting ready for bed. I won’t get nearly enough sleep tonight since my alarm is going off in 8 hours from now and Melody will still nurse in the night, but it’s a start. I’m praying the probiotics and little bit of apple juice allows her to sleep tonight instead of screaming from gas pain. Poor baby. Poor mommies. So, time to get to that bed and sleep as much as I can. Back to work after a wonderful 6 days off. It may be more challenging than I think. Here’s to everyone else returning to work as well!

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