Rough day

I want to remember the rough days occasionally too. Today work was chaotic. We have people out due to vacation and that caused chaos. I worked late. Was late eating because of it, and was at a loss as to why things weren’t looking right. I was cussing and just getting more and more angry because I needed to get home to Melody. I finally gave up, emailed my boss…edited the email to not sound so emotional and rambling, and then headed out. I was almost in the elevator when I remembered my milk, thankfully. Then I hit up McDonalds to save time. While standing there, still pissed off, I started working on letting it go using my tools.

  1. Fake it – I smiled when I didn’t feel like it because it wasn’t anyone else’s fault my day went to shit.
  2. Expand – Anger and judgment contracts. I expanded my energy and kept doing it whenever I noticed that I was contracting again. This brought space which was needed.
  3. MBOs – I requested this MBO – I request a most benevolent outcome to find the solution to the problem in time to correct it before our meeting in the morning. I will say, I figured out the problem but it won’t be fixed by morning. The software takes too long to run. But at least it’s in process and we might luck out with results before  the end of the day Wednesday.
  4. Energy pull – I expanded and pulled energy from the Universe which supported my desire to find a solution in a calm manner. I did this while driving since it doesn’t take real effort.

It all helped. I also listened to Being You, Changing the World on the way home which just helped reinforce non-judgment even if it didn’t directly relate to what I was dealing with.

When I got home Melody had only been awake for about 15 minutes which was perfect. I was able to do the work I needed while she played and my mother-in-law ran interference if she tried to play too close and hit the keyboard. I am going to submit the jobs I need to and get ready for bed. I have to be in by 9 tomorrow which means leaving before 8 and getting up early and hoping Mels eats efficiently. It’s rather challenging to figure out the timing when Melody needs to eat.

I’m hoping she sleeps better tonight as well. She woke up quite a few times upset last night. I think it was a combination of her sniffles and the energy shifts occurring. Either way, there’s always the coffee in the fridge.

2 Responses to “Rough day”

  1. Molly Says:

    I hope today is a better day. Fake it till you make it has been my motto lately.

  2. butchjax Says:

    Well, today is interesting. I have to remember not to make it worse. The holidays are hard because people are out and our client is being a pain in the ass about something that we disagree about. But, that’s why I have all these tools, to keep calming things back down and doing what I can. I don’t usually beat myself up much about not finishing things because I’ve learned it’s pointless. And as you know, being a mom makes it impossible to get many things done. So I remind myself that it will get done eventually if it’s important.

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