Some thoughts on Jesus

Disclaimer: If you want to comment and say anything at all about what the bible says, just don’t. I have zero, no, negative interest in anything religion has to say about Jesus, God, or anything else divine for that matter. There is nothing religion can tell me about these topics that is at all beneficial or new. I know my beliefs and understandings. This post is focused on my personal experiences. You are welcome to share your personal experiences.

In the last week or so, Suzanne Giesemann has been talking about ‘coming out of the closet’ about channeling Jesus from time to time. (see this blog post). I found it interesting, as I do with anyone who isn’t a Christian who unexpectedly finds their self channeling Jesus. Since they tend not to have many preconceived ideas about the being their messages tend to be more interesting to me and less filled with human misunderstandings. So this morning I listened to the recording of the channeling and it was very interesting. (Listen here) Nothing that was said was surprising really, it was the experience itself that I felt starting to open up some things.

In my spiritual and life journey, things that are intense get the most attention. This can be positive or negative things. Having a direct experiential connection to divinity hasn’t been a priority because it’s just sorta neutral in my world. I guess it’s one of those things where I don’t know what I’m missing. Since I don’t have a strong negative reaction I haven’t put much priority into removing the resistance. But it’s there or I wouldn’t continue to avoid something that I know a) exists and b) could be beneficial in my life.

Part of the avoidance is Christians and christians. Guess what? I have no desire to be a Christian. Did it for years. It did nothing for me. And the world is filled with completely non-spiritual people who call themselves Christians who are the exact opposite of who I want to be. And while I know intellectually that I can talk to Jesus and any other spirits and not be a Christian, it’s still hard because I feel like others want to put me there. Or are just waiting for me to come ‘back to the fold’. Or any other thing that really shouldn’t matter but comes up when I think about all this. I’m much more comfortable with reaching out for my spirit guides, partially because we have some direct communication and because they’re a challenge enough for me to reach without a third party. To go to someone even more powerful and intense just seems out of reach. What an interesting point of view!

Since I’m feeling stuff building up, I’m going to clear some things. I use the tools of Access Consciousness for this because nothing works as well in my experience.

Where have I bought that other people’s judgments of me are real? Everything that is I destroy and uncreate it, times a godzillion. Right wrong, good bad, pod poc, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds. (more info) (A godzillion is a number so large only God knows it. It’s cute so I use it all the time.)

Where am I not allowing others to see me as they see me, even if I disagree with what they see? Everywhere I have aligned and agreed with, or resisted and reacted to their point of view and judgments of me, I destroy and uncreate times a godzillion. Right wrong, good bad, pod poc, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.

What stupidity am I choosing in allowing other people’s unconscious opinions and beliefs about Jesus, God, and divinity keep me from having full awareness on them? Everything that is, I destroy and uncreate times a godzillion. Right wrong, good bad, pod poc, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds. (stupidity is simply referring to unconsciousness)

I’m feeling lighter now, with a bit more space.

In the recording linked above, Jesus says to simply ask for him to show up and he will. To set the intention to connect and then get out of the way. I need to listen again but I think it’s time to make time to expand and reach out for higher consciousness. Instead of saying that I need to meditate for some amount of time, that I start simpler by setting my intention to connect to divinity of some kind every day. That may mean seeing the divinity around me, connecting to my guides, or going ‘to the top’ so to speak. Just see what happens. Because realistically, I’m not going to find a lot of time to meditate anytime soon. But that shouldn’t keep me from growing and reaching out. And anything is better than nothing.

I don’t know what will come of this, but this morning I felt a little tingling, a little awakening that tells me to keep pursuing this. After all, what is pragmatic spirituality if I’m unwilling to try something because of all the reasons I cleared? Letting other people dictate my path doesn’t work for me.

Edit: I just realized I still haven’t talked much about experience. Funny! So ultimately my desire is to connect and really feel that divine love. I already get a taste of pure with my daughter, but to go beyond that is my goal. And hopefully it will make it much easier to stay in a divine point of view instead of a human one. This can greatly increase my positive impact on the world and reduce my fears which aren’t real anyway. Spirituality (and Spirit) in action.






One Response to “Some thoughts on Jesus”

  1. trotter387 Says:

    Interesting and confused – spirituality and understanding are critical elements in our own consciousness because it provides a basis for greater accountability.
    To grow spiritually does require that we engage our hearts, minds and consciousness with seeking truth. I hope you find what you are seeking.
    Don’t confuse Christianity with following or knowing Jesus because Jesus wouldn’t be a common Christian today.

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