Living with ease

I’m making a little time to update on non-melody related things. A few weeks back we were in Glenwood for what would be my second Access Consciousness Bars class. And while it didn’t turn out as expected, it’s had a nice, long acting benefit. I have more ease and calm in my life. I notice it most especially when driving. See, I am one of those impatient drivers. I like to drive faster than others to feel like I’m getting somewhere faster. I get frustrated when cutoff. Never to the point of road rage, but driving is stressful. But lately it rarely is. I drive slower and just go with the flow now. It’s nice!

I’ve been making more of a demand for change to show up. I’m getting more progress in the money side of things as well. I’m not spending as much. It’s uncomfortable, but seeing progress is nice. This is partially mandated by the mortgage company, so there’s extra motivation to not screw up. It’s been stressful as well. I keep waiting for them to say, we changed our mind you can’t buy a house. lol

I see so many of my blogging and facebook friends struggling with things that the Bars would help with, so I’m going to share just a little information about it. You can visit the official website for information and to find a practitioner near you if you are interested.

The bars is a hands on energetic process that clears out the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, beliefs, decisions, judgments, etc that we have taken on throughout our lives. Those are the things that stick us in life and create massive limitation. So having your bars run removes that stuff, creating all sorts of space for new possibilities. Some specific examples include stopping the nightmares of ptsd. Removing the judgments that created disease so it can change or even go away completely. For instance, someone shared how a person had MS and through bars she healed up enough to enjoy her life while still maintaining her disabled parking which is something she enjoyed. No judgment here because that’s what we chose.

A lot of you suffer with anxiety and depression. Bars helps with these as well. It’s helpful for any past traumas and works on people of all ages. All you need is to desire change.

For those of you who are scientifically minded, there is a study where they hooked people up to various brain monitors before and after bars. The initial results were unlike anything the neuroscientist had ever seen. I can’t wait for the results to be published. I can share that the brain looks as calm as when an experienced meditator meditates – but without having to become an experienced meditator. lol Not that I don’t think meditation is important, but it isn’t the only tool available.

For anyone in the Denver Metro area, I am available. If you aren’t here and you want to know more you can visit the site above or ask questions in the comments.

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