9 months

I really want to take pictures tonight because it’s officially 40 weeks since Melody was born and that’s almost exactly as long as she was in for (minus 2 days). Plus, we didn’t take official 8 month pictures. First, stats. As of Nov 2 she is 18 lbs 7 ounces (55%), 28.5 inches in height (82%) and a bit shy of 17.75 inches in head circumference (83%). These are basically the same trends she’s been on, give or take a bit. She’s very, very strong and active.

What has 9 months brought? Tentative first steps! On camera no less. First steps video

Last night we got her to take a few more. But she gets around more quickly with crawling so reverts to that. She’s started climbing a little. Not climbing up chairs or anything, but she tries to walk up us more than before. She’s going to have a blast in the new house since she can climb all sorts of stairs.

She has two teeth poking out. One is more visible than the other, but neither are really visible unless you are looking for them. Her smile is pretty gummy yet. They are sharp and it’s hilarious and cute when she eats something like a cracker because she’s using that one tooth. And my biggest fear of being bit? Not an issue! In fact I think she’s latching a little better. Maybe her biting her own toe and finger multiple times has made her more careful subconsciously.

She’s fighting a cold. It’s pretty bad congestion wise. Thankfully the pediatrician gave us the go ahead on mucinex so hopefully it will get better faster. She’s often fussy and miserable. Since I’m feeling better now I hope she will too. We’re a little frustrated because this most recent cold came with Grandma. Her RSV bout came from Grandpa. But when people are flying to visit, you can’t just tell them to stay home. We need to come up with a better strategy for her 1 year party so she doesn’t end up sick again.

Hmmm…that’s about it off the top of my head. She’s a good eater. Takes medicine easily most of the time (tylenol for teething/fever). Loves baths. We’ll start swimming lessons after we move. Loves her kitties. Loves making raspberries. I’ll post a video from last night in a bit. She makes the cutest little sounds. I love her to death. We still bed share. I think I would have lost my mind without it. She tends to cry when I leave for work but is very happy when I come home. This morning we did baby einstein to make it easier on her.

This weekend is my birthday and we’re going to Glenwood Springs for the weekend. My wife is taking the Bars class for the first time; I’m taking it for the second. There’s going to be a 10 month old there as well which should be fun. That’s Friday. There will be time in the hot springs and vapor caves. Not sure what else yet. Mostly healing and recharging. I want to start 37 in a good way.

As for me and my body, I’ve now been not pregnant (but breastfeeding) as long as I was pregnant. I’ve been gaining weight, partly because my thyroid is off, I don’t get enough sleep, and I am stressed out. I’m trying to make little changes to improve that because I enjoyed being down to 165 like those first few months. It’s also nice to fit into my pants. I stopped doing physical therapy in October because I didn’t want the insurance to not pay because of the car accident. But I haven’t had any burning in my pelvis which is awesome. I’m starting to get back issues though so need to be stretching and doing basic strengthening. Today I finally remembered to do a nerd fitness mini yoga routine while pumping. Because I pump slow I do 20-25 minutes, take a 10 minute break, and then pump some more. It’s the only way to get enough out. So in that 10 minute break I did some stretching and it was nice. I want to make that my habit so I am doing something for my body. After we move I’ll be about a mile from light rail which means I can walk or ride bike to the train. If I can just get up early enough… lol But that would help my body a lot. And since we’ll be in walking distance for other things, I want to make walking to the store habit instead of driving. The more it becomes just normal movement the easier it is. Ultimately I want to be jogging again next spring or summer, depending on how breastfeeding is going. She shows no signs of slowing down now but a lot can change in 6-9 months. One step at a time.

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