Almost 9 months

So we still haven’t taken 8 month pictures. We have a ton of pictures, and video, but none with the little 8 month sticker. So hopefully we do them tonight just for the humor of it since she’s 9 months in a few days. My parents fly in tomorrow afternoon. We’ll stop by the zoo for about 2 hours for pictures and candy and then carve pumpkins that night. And I keep telling myself that we can catch some things up with my parents here since they will be playing with her the whole time. Except Sunday while they go to the football game and we look at houses.

I also think I finally have ifttt setup right so the instagram videos automatically post here like the pictures. But I haven’t uploaded since I figured that out. We’ll find out this weekend. Here are two videos of the other night. They show her increased awareness of giving kisses, her arm flapping (which is adorable and she will do if you do it first) and her kisses while saying ‘awww’.

Playing with bunny #2moms #8months

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Her awww kisses #babykiss #8months #2moms

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The aww thing has been going on about a week and it’s awesome. She occasionally gives kisses if you ask for them. It’s just her wide open mouth, on your cheek or arm or wherever, but it’s the best!

Her walking is getting better. She can get around better holding onto things, whether her walker or just furniture. She isn’t trying to take unassisted steps. I think she’s figured out falling isn’t all that fun. But that’s ok. Plenty of time for her to become a toddler. Though I look forward to not having to carry her everywhere.

She’s getting her m’s better. She now goes between mom and bom, or mama and baba. Often she gets it most right when she’s pissed off. haha

Her favorite food might just be catfish at this point. Golden corral has bone in catfish that my wife adores and Peanut does too. It’s of course taken off the bone for her but she ate half a filet the other day. She also enjoys other meats, beans, mashed potatoes…really there isn’t anything she doesn’t like. She doesn’t even make the lemon face while sucking on lemon. My goal is to keep making food fun so she doesn’t become a picky eater. Fingers crossed!

She loves dancing and music. I am going to have to suck up dance classes before too long. I’d rather stick with music, but this kid loves to move. I can’t deny her that. We’ll keep doing music too, but dance is going to be in there. My wife loves dance so she can take the lead on that area. I’m going to pray for a good dance class that doesn’t make me cringe because of the choreography. At least we have another 9 months before she can start anything.

I can’t believe she’s been out of me almost as long as she was in me. That’s so crazy…It’s like she’s always been here. I know I had a life before her, but it’s hard to remember. lol That’s probably pretty normal. Or it’s just my brain. I feel the same way about being with my wife. It’s hard to remember life before/without her. Not a bad problem to have.

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