First bad rash and leaping

This weekend brought a complete change for our easy baby. It started nicely enough Saturday with the chiropractor and music class. Then we visited a work friend for her son’s 2nd birthday where Melody got to play in a little water. Later that night the screaming started. And continued for an hour or so at a time until medicine kicked in through Monday. We assumed teeth since they were a little swollen but she also had a rash on her butt that didn’t have bumps, just redness. Well, Monday came with her still inconsolable for quite a while so we went to the pediatrician. Turns out it was a yeast rash, most likely from swimming in non-chlorinated water with pubescent girls. We were told to do Nystatin twice a day for two weeks and to spackel her with vaseline. She hasn’t really screamed since! We had a taste of what other parents deal with and did not enjoy it! We much prefer her challenges of being super strong and super active.

She’s hit the Relationships leap according to wonder weeks and we can really see the difference. She’s pushing her limits (may or may not be related) because she’s understanding no but is also looking for ways around it. Her thinking face is adorable by the way. 🙂 She’s named us. My wife is bom/bam. I am baba. Apparently the m sound is hard for her to grasp with words. It’s so adorable though! She crawls for me when I come home from work. She crawls everywhere! She loves to be chased down the hall. She’s just always on the move and wanting more. Standing is a favorite past time and she’s working hard to not have to hold onto anything. I fully expect her to walk for a good distance supported by halloween and trick or treating at the zoo. Our current plan is for her to be a dragon (we got the costume cheap and it’s cute). I want to get a hogwarts robe and stuff so it’s a theme. I’m not big on costumes and themes but I think it will be fun with her.

The less fun things that are still often cute includes how she fights sleep. Last night she was just crying. If I held her, fed her, set her down…she was so exhausted! She had this look of ‘save me from myself!’ It’s truly amazing how she does it. We just try every trick until she finally latches and that solves the problem. Usually we need the lights off for that to work. She’s also pushing her safety limits by leaning over the bed rail way too far. She already went flying over it once. I think that was long enough now that she forgot. We bought an exercise mat from everlast on amazon for $35 so there’s a bit more padding off the side of the bed. So far she hasn’t had to use it, but you never know.

She loves the kitties. She’s always crawling for them and seems to have a pretty good handle on ‘gentle’ but occasionally gets too excited and they walk away. The other day Rize was playing and her claw caught Melody’s hand. It was an accident but Melody cried and then said ‘bad’! My wife had just said it so she clearly understood what the word meant. They’re all friends again, we just need to trim their claws.

My wife and I wrote a children’s book last week or so based on the tools of Access Consciousness. We’re looking at our options for publishing. We have a few other books in the works too. We’re hoping to self publish some and do all the tricks to get them to sell a reasonable amount before we buy a house.

Yes, a house. We had a meeting at work with a realtor and our preferred mortgage company which we didn’t know we even had! They are super experienced and get us really prepared so we have a better chance of having an offer accepted. Plus they give us lots of breaks of fees. We’re meeting the realtor on the 10th just to discuss things. I need to contact the mortgage company to talk about what we need to do there and to get an escrow started. I can always make my rent payments but can easily accidentally spend savings so it needs to be truly locked away. Though we had another 3 layoffs at work yesterday so I need to really work on increasing our income (as does my wife). We can’t buy a house and get laid off without some sort of good transition. I’ve been reading the 4 hour work week and am working on finding a good passive income business, which is likely going to start as the books.

Today we’re off to the dentist so I need to get in the shower. Two crowns and a filling…I’m hoping the medication and listening to an audiobook will keep me calm enough.

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