First horse ride

While my mom, a horse lover, is here and my dad is in the hospital I thought it would be fun to play with horses. I posted on Facebook for gentle horses used to working with kids and got a response from someone near Boulder. It worked out last night. My mom, wife and the baby picked me up at work. After a good feed we were off. 

The horse’s name was Sherman and he was very patient. Melody lit up! She touched his face and had no fear. Nancy, his owner, put a bareback saddle on him and put her up to take pictures.  My mom took most of them but I got a few including a video.

Then we went walking for a good 10 minutes. My wife and I held onto each side so she wouldn’t fall. She was on cloud 9! She had so much fun. We to have find a way to move out of town. It was so peaceful. 

 Right now 7 months is sure looking awesome! We went to the zoo  yesterday. She talked to a lot of animals. We even became a mini exhibit while she nursed. A mom was pointing out things to her 2-3 year old daughter and said ‘there’s a baby getting a snack’. Lol


She lit up at the leopard which is basically her spirit animal. She enjoyed the sea lion, seals, cheetahs, and elephants. We have a family membership so we can go  ofte. We plan to go for Halloween. 

We haven’t done 7 month pictures yet. Grandma leavea Saturday so I am focusing on fun stuff for her  first. 

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