6 months + 2 weeks

This kid isn’t slowing down for anyone! She’s easily pulling herself up on people and if you just hold her hands for support. She crawls in her own way wherever she wants. She’s taken to nursing acrobatics, getting on her stomach with her butt in the air, or laying on her side with her foot up on my hip. All this with the world’s shallowest latch. She’s just too stubborn to fix at this point.

She says ‘goo’ (good) all the time. She also says mmmm for food. It’s adorable. The baby fence has returned to the living room to keep her saver since she’s all over the place otherwise. She’s getting better at fighting sleep as well. At this moment my wife is in the bedroom trying to get her over the hump. The whole sequence lately goes like this. Nurse, pop on and off a bunch, roll around, refuse to fall asleep. Mama takes her, she cries or screams bloody murder. I take her back for some nursing and comfort which gets her more tired. She either falls asleep there or like tonight goes back to mama for more close holding until the cries stop and she’s asleep. It can take an hour. Inquisitive kids can be challenging! I don’t know what we’ll do as she gets older.

She loves books. She’s really enjoying the tactile books right now, but enjoys all her books and will go for them. I’m realizing how poorly many baby books are written and hope my wife can help correct that. Even the good ones break their rhythm or just don’t have a good flow to me. I think that gets better as the books get more detailed.

We keep introducing foods. Lately it’s been a lot of sugar. Cinnamon rolls from cici’s, frozen custard and whipped cream, but also watermelon, honeydew and kiwi. She had some pizza crust last night as well. Her favorite appears to be banana, though the cinnamon rolls may take over if we aren’t careful. lol

Over the weekend she was throwing up and in pain so we visited children’s hospital which is only a few minutes away. They said it was just a virus that probably hit harder because of her vaccinations. It was a tiring night but at least she was ok. Otherwise she’s quite healthy. She’s been gaining percentiles like crazy. I don’t think I included her stats last time. On Aug 11 she was 16 lbs 4 ounces (49%) 27 inches long (86%) and 17 cm head circumference (73%). I think this is what we get for picking a tall donor. lol

My parents visit starting labor day weekend so that will be interesting. They can’t wait to spend time with her. Her other grandma needs to make herself scarce so they can maximize their time. I know it’s hard for them not to get to enjoy her and this time but that’s the way things go. Thankfully we have the internet to share videos and pictures.

I better get the dishes loaded so there are bottles for tomorrow and so I can get some sleep!

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