20 weeks 

I remember how excited I was to reach 20 weeks pregnant. It’s different now but definitely more fun. We are blessed with a relatively easy baby. She gets fussy at times but she smiles and laughs so much. She is getting better use of her body every day. Right now she enjoys touching faces, grabbing glasses, ‘petting’ the cats, and playing with her own hair. 

This is my third week of work. It obviously got harder this week. It’s hard to work a full week right now. My wife wants me to start taking Wednesday off or at least work from home. I will ask today. That will make things easier. We also give Peanut the stuffed wolf that is embued with my energy which helps her sleep while I am away. 

Yesterday was the first time I pumped as much as she ate. This was partly due to her eating 2 ounces less and because I pumped 2.5 times instead of just twice. Last night I used the madela manual pump for the first time. It worked great for the easy to remove milk. After that I couldn’t figure it out. But at night all I need is to release pressure so I won’t bring my spectra home unless I need to. Hopefully this setup will keep us going. I received 50 ounces of donor milk last week so we are still exclusively breastfeeding. I really want to make 6 months ebf. Then we’ll slowly add solids. If we can go a year without formula I will be ecstatic. I want to say it doesn’t matter but it does to me or I wouldn’t have cried when my wife would rather use formula than donor milk. Hormones are fun. 
This Saturday we have a photo shoot thanks to Groupon. I hope Peanut is good so we get some good pictures. She’s experienced though so it should be fine. No clue what we’re going to wear though! Maybe everyone wears something Doctor Who?

We have a full house again. Sarah is here and beyond helpful. The mother-in-law is lesd helpful but she’s having a knee replacement as I write this so she’s not supposed to do much. Sarah leaves July 3 when we go off camping. The mother-in-law leaves as soon as we can trust her on the stairs. 

Praying for patience. Focusing on the baby. She’s mine at night which makes this easier. 🙂

4 Responses to “20 weeks ”

  1. AndiePants Says:

    I totally hear you on the pumping stress. The arithmetic of what he ate/what I pumped is maddening. Any chance you could pump 3 times a day regularly? That’s the only way I can keep up with him!

  2. butchjax Says:

    Today she’s eating more because she was up earlier. I get the most milk at the first pump. Not sure even 3 times will get me everything but I am trying it today.

  3. AndiePants Says:

    yeah. sometimes I can’t tell if it’s worth it, but I seem to be able to squeeze a little extra out if I do an extra pump.

  4. butchjax Says:

    Yeah. At this point every ounce makes a difference

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