Jedi Gathering 2015 Thursday 

Tonight we arrived at the Jedi Realist gathering I am hosting at Sunrise Ranch near Longmont Colorado. We have 11 people I think, most I have known for years. For the first time I have my two primary students in the same place which is cool. They arrived last night. Connor leaves Monday and David is staying for another class. 

I have missed some things tonight because I had to feed Peanut and then she couldn’t handle me being away from her so I brought her down to the meeting room for a bit. Thankfully Connor took control and got things going. I feel things are in good hands. 

Peanut is garnering attention of course. She’s been rather happy until tonight. Apparently she’s confused because we’re in a small 3 bedroom apartment and not just the equivalent of a hotel room. She was waiting to go home and screaming because she was tired. Nursing her to sleep is making a big difference. Once she’s fully down I will get up to pump. I have been coming up one bottle short at work but pumping while here will help. I asked for donor milk but no luck yet. I will be very disappointed if I have to supplement. 

We are here through Sunday mornin. On the way back we hope to hit Estes park so David and Connor can really see some mountains. 🙂
She’s done eating so now I can eat and pump and take my vitamins and stuff. 

2 Responses to “Jedi Gathering 2015 Thursday ”

  1. waitingforourbossbaby Says:

    I was born and raised in Longmont. It’s been great to read about your family and getting you know all of you. I hope you had a good time at your meeting!

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