Back to work 

Today was my first day back, exactly 17 weeks after having this amazing baby. I cried a lot. We aren’t meant to leave our babies so young. However I focused on other things while driving to the train and then listened to meditations in the btrathe app to avoid crying the rest of the day. I teared up but that’s it. 

I really turned the corner aftrr pumping. I had to do an hour rach time but I got a total of 4 ounces each time. That relaxed me because I got one bottle each session. It takes work with lots of massage but I expect it to get easier after s few days. 
My wife did great. She got Peanut to nap in her bassinet for the first time. She had her mom and friend come over so she could make chili for dinner and get breaks to pee. 

On the way home tonight Peanut heardy voice and kept smiling and reaching for the phone. My wife took a picture to show me. 

Tomorrow may be worse as Peanut’s tolerance for me leaving disappears. I hope not. I don’t know how to handle only 3 hours with her before it’s bed time. She wouldn’t go down without me tonight so I guess I will learn to go to bed earlier. 

Everyone says it gets easier but slowl. Right now it sucks. 

6 Responses to “Back to work ”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    It does suck so, so much. It’ll be a big adjustment for both of you, and it’ll ebb and flow. Is your wife a SAHM? That probably helps take the edge off a little, knowing she’s with someone who loves her & is familiar to her.

  2. butchjax Says:

    It helps a lot for sure. Today I can tell we are more tired. That doesn’t help. At least she can nap. I will need coffee. Lol

  3. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama Says:

    It’s so tough leaving them at home. It’s funny, the boys do the same thing…when we facetime on my lunch breaks, even if they are sleeping, they always wake when they hear my voice and it’s all smiles. I wish i got 3-4 hours with them when I got home from work. I get about an hour and half and it breaks my heart! Hopefully, it wont be too difficult of a transition for you guys, and things will start getting better shortly….

  4. AndiePants Says:

    So hard! It’s mostly gotten a little bit easier for me each day, but it still sucks so much. Sending hugs!

  5. Pot and Lid make kid Says:

    It’s so hard. Mondays are the worst for me and it gets a little easier each day of the week. I thought it was getting easier overall but now gus crawls for me when i put him down at the sitter so no, not easier.

  6. butchjax Says:

    Oh that’s heartbreaking

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