Play date

We don’t have friends here beyond a few coworkers and people I know from Access so finding kids for Melody to Interact with is tough. Yesterday we went to Katherine’s so her son Duke and Melody could interact. He’s about 2 1/2 but he’s also very special and aware so it was someone she could play with. Plus Katherine held her and played with her a lot. We really enjoyed it. 

Today we took her in for the last 3 vaccines for the 2 month appointmen. While in the waiting area we met a 10 month little girl. They both were sending energy back and forth to each other. Then a boy came in, maybe 8 years old who was also very special. Both girls kept staring at him which made him self conscious. It was cute. It’s also the first time we’ve come across so many special kids in a short period of time. After that appointment was my wife’s appointment and at the end a woman who works there came in with her 2 week old, also somewhat special. She was soooo tiny at around 5 pounds. She made Peanut look massive. Lol

We weighed her today and she’s an ounce shy of 11 pounds! She’s slowly moving up in percentiles which is good. I may be frustrated with my pumping but she’s clearly getting enough to eat. 

So far her vaccine reaction is milder than last time. No fever so no Tylenol. We did things differently this time. First we used melagel, which is a tea tree oil based ointment, on her injection site. Then a hot pack on her legs and lots of cuddles. The less physical was asking her body to take only what it needed from the vaccines. Then I ran a body process on her called DMMD, demolecular manifestation molecular demanifestation to help her build antibodies and get rid of the unneeded. We think this gave her one diarrhea diaper but overall made things easier. Feel free to do this with your own kids. Their bodies are aware and will respond. And to use the body process just say those words and that energy will run. 

Oh! Also on Thursday she found her feet! I tried to take a video but my phone didn’t save it. When she found them again later I took another one which is on facebook. It was so cool to see her trying so hard to reach them! Here’s a picture of it. 


Today we put shoes on for the first time. That seemed to confuse her but it was super cute because they’re Winnie the Pooh. I took a picture but she wasn’t in a good mood at the tim. 


I better get to sleep. Here’s our tired Peanut working hard building an immune system. 


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