10 weeks

And just like that we’re in double digits! I need time to slow down, not speed up! Seven weeks until returning to work. I’ve decided that I’ll start back most likely on Wednesday, or perhaps on Tuesday but take a half day off one of the days. Then while adjusting to full time I’ll take a half or full day off each week for the first few weeks to catch up on sleep. If I don’t need to I won’t, but it was a good suggestion from some website somewhere.

I’m just now starting to pump a little more, but haven’t done a good job of it. I need to be pumping after every feeding, but I’m not willing to get out of bed to do that. If I pump right after her first feeding that I get out of bed for I can get a decent amount, but today I had an early appointment at the VA so didn’t have time to pump until this evening and got less than an ounce total both times I tried pumping. I’m concerned, but I haven’t tried power pumping yet, so hopefully I can do better going forward. It doesn’t help that we’re going on a week and a half trip starting next week, so that throws everything off. If I have to, I’ll ask for donor milk but we’ll just see what happens.

Today was a simple yearly check-in with my VA physician. The nice part was going over the labs the OB ordered last month. It turns out I needed those labs because, for the first time I’m aware of, my thyroid was high! It wasn’t just a little high either. He’s reducing my synthroid dosage and we’ll retest in about 6 weeks. My liver function is just a bit elevated as well, which is a mystery, and my sugar was a bit high but I had been taking in a ton of sugar so it wasn’t a surprise. I hope the liver and thyroid are just my body trying to ramp up for breastfeeding.

Last week we went to Glenwood Springs. The night we arrived we met with Katherine, who we credit with getting us pregnant when we did. She got to spend time holding and communing with Peanut. She reminded me that I need to pull my energy back into my body and back and that will tell Melody that she can do so as well. That will make her more comfortable in this world. I had totally forgotten about that, so it was nice to be reminded. We’re going to aim for a play date with Melody and Katherine’s 2 year old Duke who is also very special. They’ll get to play energetically, which Melody loves to do. This week she’s gotten to play with a little boy at the pool and my mother-in-law’s friend who didn’t realize she was playing with her energetically.

We all enjoyed the hot springs. I was the only one to get in the pool. It was overwhelming for Melody to get in the water, so she stayed with her other momma and soaked in the steam. We all left all happy and glowing. The water really is quite healing and I highly recommend it to everyone.

The next day I wanted to visit the black canyon by Montrose, but it was too far to do while also needing to drive back to Denver so we visited Rifle Falls. They’re three waterfalls that are very accessible and pretty neat. There are also caves you can walk in but I couldn’t get there with the stroller so I’ll do that when Melody is a bit older.

For the first time the trip to Glenwood and the drive back wasn’t stressful with the knowledge of work pending. I like it! I really want to create a life without the 9-5, where we create with freedom and space. My wife has been writing these great little stories on the fly for Melody. We’re going to write them up and then get some illustrations before shopping them to publishers. She’s quite talented, my wife, yet she doesn’t recognize it. Part of that is because she was so beat down by people throughout her life, but the other part is we all tend to minimize what comes easily to us. Our gifts are rarely valued by us. Take a look at your own life. What comes easy to you? That’s your gift, and it’s given for you to use. We’re going to tap our god-daughter’s dad who is an artist, but if that doesn’t work out Katherine also knows someone who’s already an illustrator for children’s books. How does it get better than that? 🙂

Melody is growing so fast. I’m so glad we’re taking videos. She’s starting to do little baby crunches.

She’s getting better with the reaching.

She seems to be favoring her left, but it’s hard to tell. We’ll certainly let her be a lefty if that’s the case. At the least being ambidextrous would be handy.

While in Glenwood we had our first truly horrific blowout. Of course it also happened when we left the diaper bag back in the hotel. I had a small blanket tied to her carseat so we used that to wrap her up to get her back to the hotel. I then washed the thing by hand which is gross. Thankfully it came out perfectly clean once home. Here’s the photographic evidence.

Also while we were in Glenwood she kept staring at the mountains outside our hotel. It was cute. She continues noticing more and more. We hoped she would sleep on the long drive but apparently she looked out the window a lot at the mountains. I don’t blame her though. 😉

Tonight she did something quite interesting. The AC was on and apparently it sounded a little like the water running, so she kept looking at the bathroom. She didn’t stop until we took her in there for her bath. The kid loves her baths, and she now knows where baths take place. I love it!

I’m trying to think of what else she’s doing. Oh, she’s starting to mimic, like when we stick out our tongue at her. It’s adorable. She likes when we make noises at her. She’s becoming more independent, playing with her floor toy without us encouraging her. We actually can be a distraction to her. She does eventually gets tired and then wants us, but otherwise we can get a little break from time to time.

Today I took her out all by myself. My wife needed to sleep so I took Melody to the chiropractor. She did great! I didn’t take her out of the car seat, she just smiled and played with her toys. It was pretty awesome and made me look like a good parent!

I better get to bed. I have to adjust my sleep schedule. Hopefully with my thyroid calming back down I will get to sleep more easily. Tomorrow the only thing on the schedule is my wife’s foot/ankle MRI at 4 so I can try catching up on sleep. Maybe I’ll get lucky and we’ll all sleep better tonight so the day goes well.

Momma kisses

Momma kisses

Easter basket laughs

Easter basket laughs

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4 Responses to “10 weeks”

  1. AndiePants Says:

    On the pumping stuff. . . I’ve been doing some research and here’s what I’ve found to help me bump up my output: massage breasts before pumping with coconut oil, and hand express a bit before you start. Are you double pumping? It’s crazy how much it helps. Also, do compressions while pumping, holding down when you see the sprays. I get the best output at about 11pm, 4am and 8am – even though it sucks to do at that time, it’s worth it. I bring my pump plus a cooler and ice pack to the bedroom and put them next to bed to make it easier and the cooler keeps the milk until I get up and can put it in the fridge or freezer.
    Also – high thyroid can impede milk! Definitely get TSH down below 2!

  2. butchjax Says:

    My tsh was 2.8 I think. Not good. I hope that’s the problem because I can fix it easily by reducing my medication. I intend to skip a few doses for now.
    I try double pumping, massaging during. It doesn’t do much. My priority was healing first since I had a lot of pain but now I need to ramp up. I better go get my pump and set it all up so I can try it tonight. I can always nap later.

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. girl4182 Says:

    I love how happy the three of you look!

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