6 weeks 

This child impresses us often. She holds her head up more and more. She’s starting to push up with her arms when she’s on our chest. She’s still plenty far from doing it on the ground but she’s doing well. 

She LOVES baths. We wash her in the little tub and then put her in the big tub with us. We hold her head and butt while letting her float as safely as we can. As she builds body fat she’ll float better. Because of this we’re taking her to Glenwood Springs to hang out in the hot spring. We ordered her a full swim outfit from Honest company since it’s 25% off with our diaper order. We are doing the full shirt because the sun is so intense in Colorado. Hopefully it will fit her. 

The past two days she’s started making random cooing sounds. It’s only a few times but very cute. She’s also doing better in the car and stroller. I took her for three walks this week/weekend to help me get back into shape. Twice we took the stroller and once we took a carrier. She did better in the carrier but it’s too hard on my back for that type of activity yet. Once I catch up on more sleep and nutrients I’ll start lifting weights. Right now it’s risky. 

We’re working to get everyone on a normal schedule instead of this inverted one. To do so we use the bath to relax unless she’s already sleeping. It’s a learning process. My wife has been amazing. Since she wasn’t going to sleep anyway she took Peanut all night two nights ago. I only had to feed her once and got some deep sleep. We’re balancing between us pretty well. 

The biggest help has been gripe water which she loves. It’s greatly cut down on gas discomfort and really helped our sanity. I recommend it. 

Yesterday we picked up her Godmother from the airport so things are simultaneously easier and challenging. Normal introvert stuff. I need to drop the truck off for body work so I’ll leave this with pictures. 

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5 Responses to “6 weeks ”

  1. gwenniesgarden Says:

    each time I see a picture of her she has changed ! and she smiles when she lays with you and her other mum !

  2. butchjax Says:

    She’s good and smiley!

  3. sarahlucillewood Says:

    Love! (Our second is 9 months now) ❤

  4. Chelsea Cohen Says:

    What a cutie pie!

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