Her first fall

Today Peanut decided to leap from my wife’s arms. My wife did an awesome one armed catch but she still hit the back of her head solidly on the oak bed frame. Scary as hell! I told her to run Cellular Memory body process immediately. She calmed down once the energy was running but we still went to the ER. 

Everyone was very understanding. There was no swelling or pressure so they just kept us there for an hour, checked her pulse ox (100% with the oxygen) and had me nurse to see if she would throw up. If it weren’t for the two red lines on the back of her head you’d never know she hit it. 

We’ve put foam that we already had on the closest part of the frame in case she does it again. Here’s a picture. The white is the foam. 

The nurse kept saying how beautiful she was and that she seemed older than her age because she was so alert and interactive. I wonder if she’ll do anything behind ‘schedule’. Lol

5 Responses to “Her first fall”

  1. Molly Says:

    I’m glad she’s okay! Tell her we expect her to stay away from hospitals for a while, now!

  2. butchjax Says:

    Lol I know! Two weeks in a row! She can’t even walk yet.

  3. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama Says:

    I’m glad to hear that she is ok! That can be really scary! Especially since all they do is sleep all the time. Hope you guys aren’t too emotionally scared by it. It’s crazy because I keep having dreams of dropping one of the twins and in my dreams I am inconsolable! Anyhoo, just dreams…

  4. butchjax Says:

    I’m ok. My wife feels guilty so I keep reminding her that it wasn’t her fault. This strong willed girl just decided to leap. If the bed wasn’t there she would have caught her before she hit the ground. Things happen. But with my wife’s head injuries she’s scared of any head injuries in Melody.

  5. gwenniesgarden Says:

    That’s kids for you, they always surprise you when you least expect it !! Glad to hear she’s ok !

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