My recovery

I don’t know what to expect for my healing but I see progress. There’s less bleeding and cramping. The hemorrhoids are healed quite a bit. I’m so glad I took stool softeners throughout and after because it’s quite manageable. The stitches are the challenge. If I move around too much I get sore which is keeping us from taking walks. Well that and fatigue. Lol

I think I would be doing better if I remembered to bathe daily. Why is that hard? The day just slips away. I have done a few sitz baths but find they put pressure on the very area I’m trying to heal. Hopefully I’ll remember to do it tomorrow because I want to feel better faster.

The unexpected change is lack of appetite. I need to eat more but nothing sounds good, and I can’t even choke much down. That’s starting to change but nowhere near normal. That should change with the hormone balance and mood increase. It hasn’t kept me from producing enough milk at least. And I can button my jeans for the first time in months which is cool. I’ll keep working on it though because healthy is more important than weight. Most of the time I get some vitamins in so that helps.

I think that’s about it. Oh wait, breastfeeding! Lol my nipples are pretty sensitive at first but that eases up quickly. I’m not noticing any real issues in this area. Today I received two nursing bras which are a sports bra style. They are a nice improvement over no bra and using the nursing hospital gowns I snagged. Nursing in public is still a ways off though. I’m really happy that nursing is working for us. It’s more because she’s a quick learner though. 🙂

Time to hand off this baby and get ready to nap!

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3 Responses to “My recovery”

  1. littlerainbowbug Says:

    Sounds like things are progressing normally! Glad to hear it. One thing that really scared me unnecessarily was a sudden increase in bleeding on day (I think) 10, which is when the site of the placenta typically releases, according to my midwives. It lasted about an hour for me. I had no idea it was a thing until it happened, and thought I was hemorrhaging at first! Something to keep in mind 🙂

  2. gwenniesgarden Says:

    over here we use an inflatable swimming ring (children use it when they can’t swim, you have small ones for the arms and big ones for round their waist) you can sit on them and so avoid the painful area

  3. butchjax Says:

    Good to know. Never heard of that!

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