At the advice of my guides I got an epidural. Not sure when. Maybe a half hour ago? I’m quite comfortable now. I was just getting too tired with too much to go. I think laboring for almost 12 hours before meds isn’t bad. I tried nitrous but that barely helped.

Waiting for a dilation check to see where we are at. Also had the joy of vomiting earlier so I look forward to applesauce soon. Hopefully that gives me strength too. Then a nap as I’ve been awake a long time.

Peanut is still doing fine but she has to suck up monitoring now.

Other notes. The tub helps a lot but slows down the contractions so I used it for rest. We never set up the birthing tub but that’s ok. We’ll get our deposit back.

This is the least amount of pain I’ve felt in months. Wow, such a relief! Now I’m going to enjoy the beautiful Colorado sunrise. 🙂

6 Responses to “Epidural”

  1. gwenniesgarden Says:

    not long now !!!

  2. meridith Says:

    So excited for you!

  3. AndiePants Says:

    Holy cow! sounds like you’re having a baby today! good luck!

  4. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama Says:

    So excited Peanut is almost here!! Sending you lots and lots of love and energy and prayers for an easy and safe delivery…

  5. BohoChickKy Says:

    I’m guessing Peanut, aka ?, is here by now. Can’t wait to hear more details and see pictures of the precious new life you’re welcoming into your own! 🙂

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