And the second monitoring

So Peanut appears to have taken the day off. I woke up today, got ready for work (slowly due to crap sleep) and noticed my heart rate was high, making me feel a little off. I checked it and it was in the 130’s, very abnormal for me, considering I hadn’t exerted myself. I watched it for a a while, and kept watching for Peanut to wake up, but she didn’t. I called the midwife and they had me watch for more movement. After a few more more hours my pulse was down to around 100 but she still wasn’t reacting. After around 6 hours she’d only had two periods of movement, both were minimal. We checked her heartbeat with the doppler twice so we knew her heart was working. Finally at 4:30 we talked to the midwife again and she said to go ahead and come in.

When there they monitored her again. While she didn’t move much, even compared to her relatively mellow day Saturday (until she kicked it for 5 minutes that is), they saw that she was reacting properly to stimulation. That means she was getting oxygen, which the doppler can’t tell us. Then they did a fluid check which involves using the ultrasound to measure fluid pockets. She has plenty of fluid as well, so between the various pieces of data they said she’s good. They want me to do kick counts going forward, which I think should be named movement count instead. Today she would have failed that count, so we would have come in either way. We’ll make an appointment for Monday, and if she gets sluggish again we’ll come back. But at least in the office we can do another fluid check. That’s if she doesn’t come before then. On the way home she perked up a bit more, and then by the end of dinner she was finally really ‘back’.

What I mean by back is that energetically she was finally interacting again. All day we couldn’t get anything from her, as if she, the being, wasn’t there. Our theories include her taking a break before labor kicks off. Maybe she was getting a little scared so her angel was talking to her to get her ready. Either way, she was gone for quite some time and we’re not ok with that. At least pass the word through to our guides or something! But they follow their own rules, and they aren’t for our convenience. Might as well get used to it now.

In other news, last night we slept in the bedroom for the first time in weeks. It was hard to be comfortable enough, as my ribs are still pissy, but even more my hips are not responding well. Since we have a sleep number bed I’m going to increase the pressure and see what happens. I really don’t want to go back to the recliner.

In fun news, Peanut had a dance party last night. Seriously, she was all over the place! The guides joked that she was missing her aunt Sarah. I said she didn’t even have music, but Sarah doesn’t need music either. lol Hopefully we don’t get another dance party since it makes it hard to go to sleep. I’m glad she had fun though.

Once again, still watching for labor. Right now it’s time to get ready for bed and try for a more comfortable sleep. After a snack. haha

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8 Responses to “And the second monitoring”

  1. BohoChickKy Says:

    The moon is waxing right now and is 80% full. There’s a very good possibility the Grandmother will call Peanut forth in the next 2 or 3 days! Best wishes!

  2. butchjax Says:

    I speculate constantly. Lol it’s almost impossible not to. 🙂 For instance, some prefer the new moon, some the full moon. And many don’t seem to care. Lol I’ll be surprised if things don’t start moving though as she was clearly not here today and the only logical reason I can think of is she needed to prepare in some way. We’ll find out before long. Maybe we can find out the reason after she’s here. 🙂

  3. girl4182 Says:

    That’s quite the scare! Im glad everything is how it should be. She could be here any time now! Im getting pretty excited for you guys

  4. butchjax Says:

    At least we learned a lot because of it. There’s so much the midwives and nurses know that we don’t. But they can’t know until monitoring either, so we end up going just to find out things are still ok. It’s weird, since normally we don’t go to the doctor unless we know something is wrong. Babies are just different. 🙂

  5. girl4182 Says:

    Better to be safe than sorry 🙂

  6. butchjax Says:

    It weighs on my mind, the occasional story of the full term baby that was then stillborn. They don’t die in an instant, so paying attention to decreased movement and all that is critical to avoiding that. Not that I expect it to be part of our path, but I also can’t ignore it.

  7. girl4182 Says:

    For sure, im excited for your happy and healthy baby to make her debut

  8. butchjax Says:

    Thank you! We are too, though today I’m too tired to really feel the excitement. lol Good practice I guess. 🙂

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