Looking for any labor signs

I’m sure every woman does this at this point in pregnancy – look for anything that could possibly be a sign of labor! It’s amusing, but it’s also because I really want to know what is going on. Here’s where we’re at.

Yesterday Rize (younger cat) was freaking out about my belly because the energy is now even more narrow and concentrated along my centerline. We don’t know if it can get any narrower or if this is all of the energetic preparation that happens. It’s not like I know many people who can see energy and who have watched a woman constantly as the third trimester wears down. Since I’m still only getting the nice, not painful, braxton-hicks, there isn’t much else to go on.

Then, today started weird. I normally wake up hungry and am starving at lunch. Today I wasn’t at all. I’ve been slightly nauseous all day (but not sick nauseous, more like morning sickness or that it’s been too long since I last ate nausea). I made myself eat a very bland breakfast burrito at 10, and then didn’t get hungry again. I finally made myself get a veggie sub around 3:30. I could eat it, but the nausea is still kind of there. Right now I’m finishing up my fruit from this morning as well. I decided to google this and there is a subset of the population who noticed a lack of appetite the day before labor started. Is that what this is? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a reaction to my energy concentrating, leaving less energy for digestion so my body is responding in kind.

At the midwife appointment this morning I had lost 3 pounds from last week. I’m retaining less water, so some of it is that. I also ate a bit less. But, weight loss is also a pending labor sign according to another website I read. While there I asked if they could see my mucus plug. Apparently that’s hard to see with a closed cervix, which mine was on Saturday. We do know that I was not dilated then at all. However, the midwife student said they recently had a women come in, not dilated at all, who refused to leave because she knew the baby was coming (she already had something like 4 kids). She had the baby less than 2 hours later. So dilation doesn’t have to be a slow process. Nor does the mucus plug have to come out ahead of time. Basically, count on nothing except that the baby will come out at some point!

As I walked to get food today, I tried to send a message out to have my wife contact me so I could talk to her and the guides about this, as I didn’t want to wake her if she was sleeping. I passed the info along and they will keep watching me like a hawk I’m sure. A lot of this is unknown to them as well. They aren’t allowed to know when either. Anyway, while walking and wondering about this all, what popped into my head but Sarah McLachlan’s Sweet Surrender. Message received! I’m simply documenting all this now in case she comes soon and I’ve forgotten bits and pieces.

Further updates. We learned from our dry run Saturday that it’s easy to remember bags yet forget pillows and my teddy bear. 😉 Hopefully I’ll remember to make a list and post it somewhere easy to check before we leave next time. There is a list in a bag, but with the bag already in the car, it’s not helpful. We also learned that getting the damn carseat installed is NOT EASY! We didn’t have instructions, so my wife spent quite a while trying to get the anchors clipped in. Then I tried. Finally I turned it vertically and got it to clip, but that makes me a little concerned because it puts a slight twist in the strap. It was the only way to make it fit though. Then we had to get the second one in and the straps were so short it took a while even knowing what to do. After we had that I worked on getting it level enough. That’s when I discovered we had it in the highest position which corresponds to the shortest strap length. Damn! And I couldn’t get the levels perfectly centered, but it is within the tolerance as far as I can tell. I tightened the hell out of all the straps to minimize movement. It’s as good as we can get it currently. Next up is to have it checked out by an expert, but at least it’s in the car and reasonably installed. We don’t want to ever take the base out! Lesson learned. Do not underestimate car seat installation.

I better get back to work, as I’m troubleshooting an issue that I’ve only partially figured out and don’t want to leave it for anyone else if I can help it.

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19 Responses to “Looking for any labor signs”

  1. AndiePants Says:

    dilation and effacement are super duper not indicative of impending labor! You could be 4cm and still not deliver for weeks, or go from 0 to 6 over night! Did they tell you if your cervix is posterior or anterior? That’s a better indication if you’re getting close.

  2. butchjax Says:

    I don’t think they can tell without a real exam, and all they did was put a swap up there to check for fluid. Neither of us wants to do an exam if it isn’t necessary though.

  3. AndiePants Says:

    fair enough. Limiting vaginal exams is best, IMO too!

  4. butchjax Says:

    Yeah, they don’t believe in doing them without good reason, as there’s always the increased risk of infection, plus the unnecessary discomfort. I’m so glad I went with midwives!

  5. littlerainbowbug Says:

    I didn’t have any checks until I’d been in labor for something around 12 hours, at which point I was 6 cm. But I didn’t lose my plug until I’d been laboring for at least several hours. #widerangeofnormal 🙂

  6. g2the4thpower Says:

    My water broke several hours before I was in real labour, and then I went from 0.5 cm to 10 cm in absolutely no time. It was crazy intense. Then voilà! She was in my arms. 🙂

  7. g2the4thpower Says:

    (I dilated from 0-10cm within only 2-3 hours)

  8. butchjax Says:

    Yeah, normal is a joke. lol It’s only helpful if you are actually normal. And since I’m often not normal, I’m left wondering. 🙂

  9. butchjax Says:

    I worry I’ll go real fast and then not have much time at the hospital and will have missed out on the birthing tub. haha But, I also know I don’t have a lot of choice in the matter, so hopefully I get the nudge to go to the hospital with plenty of time left, but not too early. 🙂

  10. littlerainbowbug Says:

    Haha! Yes, I understand how that goes. My pregnancy was “normal”, my baby was “normal” (literally average across all measurements when she was born), but my labor was crazy! I recount the tale to Darwin when I’m all alone with her, and it tells like a hero’s quest. I love my labor story, and I hope you love yours as well 🙂

  11. g2the4thpower Says:

    Oh I would love to do the birthing tub! I got the jacuzzi tub to help me relax. That’s what I think made me jump to fully dilated… I had only 3 contractions in there and almost vomited they were so intense! Trying to walk back to my room down the halfway after that was an adventure in itself; I think I had two contractions almost back to back and had to brace myself on the wall railing. Lol Ohhhh good times good times!

  12. butchjax Says:

    Every room has jacuzzi tubs already. And separate bathrooms with showers. The birthing tub allows me to submerge my back while seating upright though, which is going to be very important laboring. I need to stay vertical or forward to keep her off my back and as far from my tailbone as is possible. She’ll probably still break it, but it’ll be the gentlest it can be. 🙂

  13. g2the4thpower Says:

    That’ll be great, I’m hoping I can plan for a hospital that has those this time. My first delivery included a ton of back labour, and she was very slightly turned. I think the pool could have helped alleviate that. I’m getting all excited for you!! Living vicariously through my prego blog sisters! Xx

  14. butchjax Says:

    I’m super happy with our hospital, assuming they don’t lose their minds when I get there. hahahaha Their default practices are what we’d have to ask for in other traditional hospitals. If you have a university research hospital nearby, check into that. Especially hospitals with their own midwifery practices. Or ask around. We just stumbled onto this one because they took VA payments and I am really glad we did. Good luck!!

  15. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama Says:

    2 days before Callies water broke, she was ridiculously nauseated throughout the day. She was basically eating crackers and Ginger Ale for 18hrs. She wasnt dilated on Wednesday, and Saturday her water broke and she was 3cm dilated in an hours time…it all sounds like Peanut will be coming soon…i can’t wait to see her!

  16. butchjax Says:

    This is why I’m still at work, to try to pass on as much info as possible, just in case!


  17. gwenniesgarden Says:

    both my sons came 3 weeks later than my due date !! can you imagine ? in those days there weren’t echo machines and all that, when my water broke I went to hospital and they examened me and said they could feel 2 heads and only one bum, so I thought : siamese twins ????!!!!! but it was just water they felt ! every pregnancy is different and every birth is different and it will be completely different from what you expect, at least thats what I learned in my 60 years of existance 😀 so enjoy the piece and quiet and your baby will come when it is ready to come…..but I hope you’ll have an easy birth !!

  18. butchjax Says:

    Lol yes they know so much more now. 🙂 due dates are more accurate but still just 5% of babies come on that day. Babies have their own schedule from day 0. 🙂

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