37 weeks

Holy crap, 37 weeks! According to one app that’s full term. According to another it isn’t for 2 weeks. Either way, there’s a full grown baby in me! And I simultaneously want her to keep cooking and get here now so we can meet her and hold her and all that. Since I’m still healing my ribs I definitely want her to hold off for a while.

I read Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs tonight in one sitting. It was fun but so little applied to my pregnancy that I’m glad I didn’t read it earlier. I wouldn’t want even more ideas of what pregnancy is getting in my head potentially making it worse. I’m grateful that throughout pregnancy I had good influences around me to remind me that anything is possible, so not to decide what it would be like. I’m incredibly glad that my pregnancy has been relatively easy. I’m also glad I’ve documented the challenges because it’s easy to forget already.

As for symptoms, I am starting to retain water more often but nothing horrible. It’s making me wear my rings less often, just to be safe, but I just rehydrate and that tends to take care of it. The pain is manageable, beyond the initial rib injury, especially now that I take it easier so I don’t stress my body much. Tonight I had some sharp pains at the upper part of my uterus but it wasn’t even full muscles and the muscles weren’t hard. It was also all on the left side and a little central, whereas Peanut is very much on the right. But if I poked my belly it hurt even more, so perhaps atypical braxton hicks? It eventually stopped, thankfully. I’m not seeing any labor symptoms otherwise. Peanut may have dropped a little, but she’s so low that it’s hard to say. I didn’t pay enough attention. 

Peanut is pretty active now, but of course not if I grab the camera to try to video movement, or if someone wants to feel it. She’s so not a trained monkey, or predictable at all. 🙂 Our strong willed little girl just does her own thing. Thankfully she’s pretty kind most of the time. Never been kicked in the ribs. Doesn’t sit on the bladder too much or for too long. She does tend to make it known if she has spent too much time away from her other mom. The other day, maybe it was yesterday (who can track time?) she gave me a few swift kicks to a relatively sensitive area before I realized she needed both her moms. As long as I’m home that’s easy to solve, and she knows when I’m not at home so overall it’s a handy system. I can’t tell you what’s specifically different about that kick, but I get it when she does it.

Oh, food is the big change. Today I ate a whole 1 pound veggie pizza. In one sitting. Holy crap, I was just so hungry!!! I never do that. At least it was organic! I am hungry almost all the time though so I’m trying to find what sounds good and isn’t pure crap. I don’t typically eat too much at a time, so the pizza surprised me. Right now I’m trying to not think too much about a stupid McDonald’s commercial with a chicken sandwich because I really don’t want to go out at 11:20pm to get garbage. I think I’m officially hitting those obnoxious cravings everyone talks about. Fun?

I made headway on the hospital bag. So far we have the coming home outfit, her two stuffed animals (they’re small but charged with our energies), the booklets from birthing class, massage roller and stress ball, travel tooth care kit in case I forget mine the day of, baby scissors, nasal aspirator, $6 or so in change for the vending machine, 8 newborn diapers (honest brand and babyganics in case she doesn’t like the hospital ones) and 4 Depends underwear. The Depends were recommended somewhere and I have been using the various pee pads long enough to recognize their benefit. I have a few travel squeeze bottles to put lotion, shampoo, and leave in conditioner so they can be packed. I also need to pack a few days worth of all of our meds/vitamins. Then it’s a matter of figuring out clothes which I’m a complete loss about. I don’t know what I’m going to want to wear after. I’m ok with using the hospital gowns while there so I don’t have to worry about various fluids. Who would have thought this would be the hardest part to choose at this point? Any advice? I don’t know if this is made more difficult due to being butch or just being someone without a lot of clothes to choose from. lol

8 Responses to “37 weeks”

  1. meridith Says:

    So exciting to be so close and still so healthy! Debra took a button-up shirt to the hospital and pants with a very soft waistband in case of an emergency c-section – which happened suddenly after three days of labor. I’m glad we were prepared. The button-up was good for getting on without having to stretch anything that was sore after labor but also ensure easy access for the babe. Hope your labor is an easy one!

  2. butchjax Says:

    That’s a good idea! Thanks. I’ll have to look at what options I have already. 🙂 I might need to just hit up gordmans and see about some pj pants or something. I also received two of these dress type things which, while dresses, they are super gentle for my body. I might bring one just in case I am brave enough to wear it somewhere besides the privacy of my home. lol They do allow easy pull down access for nursing at least.

  3. AndiePants Says:

    I cannot believe that you are 37 weeks! Holy sh*t! I hope it’s an easy few weeks and Peanut keeps playing along with the no bladder sitting or rib kicking. Seafoam looooves my bladder.

  4. butchjax Says:

    Hahaha I know! I think because she sits so far to the right of my body she misses the bulk of the bladder. I don’t know why she likes that side so much, but she’s there all the dang time. I think that’s why I injured the muscles on the right side too.

    I can’t believe seafoam is getting so big either! Time flies! And then there are probably 3 or 4 bloggers I follow who are in the first trimester now. It feels so long ago that I was there, like another lifetime! Time is a funny thing.

  5. Molly Says:

    Crazy that you’re at 37 weeks! I have no advice to offer as far as hospital clothing, but I am very excited for you guys!

  6. butchjax Says:

    It goes really fast at the end. Everyone says that, but you don’t believe it until you get there. lol The beginning goes so slow, as you’re experiencing. When there’s nothing to show, no kicks to feel yet, it feels like all you have is the crappy parts of nausea and bloating. But it gets a lot more fun later, and that’s of course when time flies! I suspect that will help your healing too, to feel those first flutters and be able to eat comfortably.

  7. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama Says:

    You are almost there friend!! So excited for little Peanut to come into the world. We packed our bags the night Callie’s water broke and honestly, she stayed in gowns the whole time! They gave her these nursing gowns that she even snuck i tonher bag to bring home. I still havent unpacked out bag which means i still have no clue what i packed in the first place! I spent 5 days in 2 pairs of basketball shorts and a spiderman t-shirt! As far as Callie’s take home outfit, she had a c-section (we were prepares for one just in case) so she wanted something that wouldnt sit on her incision and irritate her. I packed her a pair of her coziest maternity leggings and her loosest maternity shirt (she still looks about 20w pregnant). I would consider taking something super comfy. Chances are you’ll feel like hell when you leave and want to be as comfy as possible!

  8. butchjax Says:

    Yeah we packed minimal stuff actually. If we weren’t using our own diapers we could do just one small duffle bag plus food. I’m going to use their gowns for simplicity. Right now I’m coming home in sweat pants. Lol

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