Quick update

Busy day today. Started with the midwife. Did the last test of the pregnancy – group B strep. Gave our deposit for the birthing tub so I can labor in water and discussed our birth plan. Peanut measured right where she should, with a good heart rate. I gained maybe a few ounces from last week, which was a surprise. I’m eating a lot more often, but not eating tons at a time I guess so I’m still on pace for the amount of weight they want me to gain.

After we met with a pediatric practice (Pediatric Pathways) and we really like them. The doctors were all so happy and not stressed! They are all on board with whatever decision people make on vaccines. We’re looking at the modified schedule, and they can order any version of vaccines which allows us to skip those with aluminum if there is an alternative available. We had a good discussion about what is valuable to do in the hospital (metabolic test, vitamin K shot) vs what is completely unnecessary (Hep B vaccine and eye ointment). This allows us to make a good educated decision when Melody is born. Carrie doesn’t even want to see the other practice, this place feels right. So that’s one big thing we needed to address before she was born.

After a distinct lack of sleep we decided to rest this afternoon. I worked from home to get things done from work and now it’s time for a power nap so I can sleep tonight. My ribs are improving but I could feel the impact of driving on them. Hopefully resting makes tomorrow doable since I can’t take the pain medication until I’m ready to sleep.

No signs of labor (yay) but we’re trying to be prepared by the end of this weekend, just in case. Hopefully we’ll be healed enough to pull that off.

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2 Responses to “Quick update”

  1. BohoChickKy Says:

    I love that you’re using a midwife and a birthing tub. I would so love to go back and have that option. I also love that you’re at least cautious about vaccines (I’m completely against them, myself). You mention aluminum, but what about mercury? There are many studies linking it to autism. Just curious. Also, if you’re interested, I’ll try to find the link to something I read once about why Vitamin K is really not necessary either.

  2. butchjax Says:

    I haven’t made it through all of the vaccine’s on the infant schedule, but so far none of them have mercury. Flu shots seem to be the biggest culprit there.

    The vitamin K shot may not be completely necessary, but it has very minimal risk and prevents bleeding issues. My concerns over it has lessened.

    Overall we’re doing research, the Dr. Sears book (the updated version) is super helpful. We’re using Access Consciousness tools to ask her body if it wants each vaccine or not. And then afterward there is an energetic body process to remove the toxic elements from her body safely, thus minimizing any potential harm. My bigger concern right now is the pneumonia vaccine. I had a bad experience with the adult version and it has higher potential for reactions, so I’m thinking about skipping that one and boosting her immune system naturally. We have a lot more research to do. The Sears book covers them in order (mostly) of the recommended schedule though so I can take my time. 🙂

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