And the results are in

We’re pregnant! Officially four weeks and 1 day, thought the baby is two weeks and one day. It’s weird. lol

So, twins are highly likely (or definite according to the cat). Actually, my progesterone levels confirm two eggs released since the levels should be around 20, and mine are 60! The HCG levels are normal. Monday they’ll do an HCG beta test (I think that’s what it is). They’ll monitor those levels for a little while to make sure that they are rising as they should. And then they’ll give me pregnancy instructions.

For now, we’re just enjoying the moment. I need to tell the VA next week so they can take over my prenatal care. They’ll take care of the testing and such. I don’t know when we’ll do the first ultrasound. I will ask Monday.

And so the countdown begins.

8 Responses to “And the results are in”

  1. meridith Says:

    Huge congratulations!!

  2. DeCaf Says:

    CONGRATS! I’m super excited for you!

  3. AndiePants Says:


  4. chickletsmums Says:

    Congratulations!! Amazing!! We are only 5 days apart (I think). It’s cool that you get your HCG levels checked, we don’t get any of that here! Look forward to your blogs, fingers crossed we have happy and healthy pregnancies! 🙂

  5. butchjax Says:

    You can ask them about it. It’s very easy to boost them if they don’t increase fast enough. Lol but maybe it’s different with ivf. 🙂

  6. gwenniesgarden Says:

    congratulatons !!!!

  7. Curious B Says:

    Woohoo many happy dances for you. May you have many Happy and healthy months ahead.

  8. Molly Says:


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