I’m normally very into Christmas. But this year I just didn’t feel it. I loved getting the tree. The smell was awesome, and it was pretty. But I only put more than lights on it because my wife was wanting some ornaments. And since she hates Christmas normally I made sure to do some decorating. But that’s it. I only put on a fraction of the ornaments and just never got into doing more. Granted, I enjoyed finding presents for people, but we never get to see people open their presents. This year my parents brought most of our presents, so we got to unwrap a lot, which was nice. Adults opening presents just aren’t as much fun as kids though. I mean, apparently we did awesome with presents this year and yet we don’t see that. Nor do we have our own kids to share it with yet. Which we expected to have for over a year now. Add to that whatever weird spiritual energies are going on and we’ve both been kind of blah this year. It helped a bit to go to Golden Corral and be around a lot of people, with lots of food.  We haven’t been up for cooking this year. Maybe next year we’ll be more up for cooking these holidays since we’ll be settled in. Then again, we should have a baby so… maybe not? lol We’ll also have Carrie’s mom here, and likely some friends, so we can make our own holidays feel like holidays.

Spiritually, this feels like it’s a gap year. Like there’s no foundation underneath this timeframe and we’re waiting to land on something new. Then again, there’s also this thing that tends to happen after any Access class. Once you step into a new awareness, at some point that awareness brings up new stuff which also means sometimes you feel like you go backwards because those awarenesses aren’t all that fun. Unless you choose to make it fun. 😉 Sunday night I got sick, after two days of feeling tired, but after a week of doing really great following my Level 1 class. I think that made this week feel even more low than it would have been. Thankfully it’s early in the week and I get to keep working on it. Considering I’m taking the 3 day body class starting friday, I would like to get it worked out quickly. It’s not fun being in a funk.

One Response to “Christmas”

  1. DeCaf Says:

    I hope next Christmas you have a bundle of joy to play Santa for. 🙂

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