TWW Day 11ish

With no new symptoms, and all but the bloating subsiding, I’m now getting antsy for a positive test. I understand the wait so much better now. Symptoms make it a bit easier, because they build your confidence. When there’s nothing new, you keep wondering. Waiting isn’t fun. I’m hoping there won’t be any bleeding in the coming days, or the wait will be even harder. It didn’t help reading this link which mentions that miscarriages actually happen 15-20% of the time, though they believe most of that is genetic anomalies, which is to be expected.

Basically, I’m not so good at waiting anymore.

2 Responses to “TWW Day 11ish”

  1. DeCaf Says:

    Waiting is rough. At least you’ll know either way in a couple days? Isn’t 14 dpo when the test’s positive or negative is kind of final for a particular cycle?

  2. butchjax Says:

    Actually, they test on day 18 with my doctor’s office, and I’ve done two early tests. It’s a bit too early I believe, but I have three tests and am curious. lol I’ll test again on Sunday or Monday, and then go to the doctor Wednesday for the blood test.

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