Interpreting Plane Crash Dream part 1 – what it isn’t

I did a little reading. None of the interpretations online resonate with me regarding my plane crash dreams. This is partially because I’m not in the planes that are crashing, which is what most references discuss. Also, I don’t feel a connection to any of the craft that crash in my dreams. I worry because something is crashing, but I don’t know anyone involved, just me trying not to get hit by the debris. However, for reference here’s one of the better explanations I found online.

So what do airplane crash dreams symbolize? Part of the clue to interpreting these dreams can be found in the word ‘airplane’ itself. Separating the word into ‘air plane’ may reveal that the dream has something to do with our thoughts. In the Zodiac, the Air Signs are those that deal with thinking and all manner of mental activity. If you dream of an airplane crash this may symbolize an overactive mind, one that needs a rest from thinking. It may also symbolize a need to get out of your head and bring your ideas down to earth. An airplane crash may also symbolize spending a lot of time worrying and fretting about things over which you have no control.

Control is one of the basic differences between a car and plane crash dreams. Cars are vehicles over which we typically have control or at least know how to operate. Unless one has studied to be a pilot, the same is rarely true of airplanes. When we take a trip by plane, we are relying on the skill and expertise of someone else–we are completely out of control of the situation.

This lack of control may be another concept a plane crash dream symbolizes. Do you feel like you are in a situation where not only are you not in control but there is absolutely nothing you can do to rectify what is occuring? When planes crash there are also devastating consequences, not to a singular person but to everyone aboard the plane. Do you feel a situation is occuring in which not only you but many people could be injured? Do you feel that the person in charge of the situation is ill-equipped to handle it?

Most plane crash dreams involve the dreamer as a passenger, however, there may be times when you dream that you are, in fact piloting a plane which is crashing. Piloting a plane means being responsible for a massive vehicle and the welfare and lives of many other people. If you are dreaming that you are piloting a plane that is going down, it may be an anxiety dream. You may be experiencing some fear of responsibility or a fear that you have undertaken a project which is too big for you to handle. Remember though that these dreams are telling you how you are feeling–not what is going to happen. What is important is that you look at the situation and honestly evaluate it to decide if the fear is a warning or just an anxiety about doing something completely different.

Plane crash dreams can also be seen as the Tower card in the tarot. In the Tower card, the typical image seen is that of a tower being struck by lightning sending its inhabitants plummeting toward the earth. The Tower card is typically thought of as extremely negative, and usually its appearance does indicate an intense, abrupt, completely life-altering experience. However, despite the pain which may accompany this change, the ultimate result is usually one of the person’s life being completely cleared out which results in liberation from a stagnant life.

The same may be true of airplane crash dreams. They may represent a necessary change, usually in your thinking that allows you to enter another ‘plane’ of existence–the current ‘plane’ must crash to allow new freedom of existence. Should this be the case, remember that what always survives the crash is the black box–that part of you that keeps your memories, your dreams, and your soul alive!

Sure, I overthink. And I can have control issues, but that’s not what these dreams feel like. Of course, I can work on believing that I can reach the heights I aim for, and reduce thinking and such. I don’t think that will do anything for this dream though.

Also, what does it mean when the craft crashing doesn’t even exist? I mean, the various planes I’ve seen run the gamut from old fighter planes to modern Harriers to small passenger planes and single engines. More recently they have been rockets, experimental airplanes, and now a spacecraft that doesn’t make sense on any level. In all cases, I’m observing the crash though, without personal connection. What is that? Other people’s dreams crashing? But I don’t see correlation in my waking life either. I don’t see a pattern.

One thought, which is likely wrong, is that I’m being conditioned not to panic in the event of a real emergency. In the past year I’ve been having dreams of buildings collapsing, falling over, things going haywire in general. Not apocalypse, but not normal life either. Maybe I’ll make time tonight to meditate on this. Ask for a new symbol to add to the puzzle. It’s been so long since I wasn’t too tired to meditate, it would be nice to do so.

I guess I didn’t get very far with this. hahaha It will take time. By documenting my thoughts I can refer back to them more often.

16 Responses to “Interpreting Plane Crash Dream part 1 – what it isn’t”

  1. theicarianrambler Says:

    I don’t believe the Tower card has anything to do with this. It doesn’t resonate with me at all, as a Tarot reader. However, I’ve been thinking on this, and there’s been this thought that keeps haunting me. When I first met you, you were my teacher at the Jedi Realist Academy, and then I met you in person. After that, I began to have dreams of your lectures, but there were also other dreams that I believe are recorded at IJRS. In the dreams, planes crash, buildings fall, it’s disasters all over the place… we are a unit of warriors, though I’m more of a sensitive, and you’re the ultimate Marine. Lol. There is a energetic tower that we have to destroy. I tell you we should plant the bombs at a certain place, but you tell me no, and tell me to triangulate the signal… idk what that even means, but things keep going down and falling and crashing because of the energetic tower. Idk if this even matters or is pertinent, but why else would I remember these dreams? I haven’t had them in four years. Just rambling and thinking out loud, I guess.

  2. butchjax Says:

    It’s a good question, one I don’t have an answer to. But, I can play with it. 🙂 What if it isn’t literal. What if it is a spiritual battle, or a philosophical battle. Right now there are many ideas of what is ‘right’ in the Jedi path. There are ideas of what is ‘right’ on spiritual paths. But we know some of them are far from ‘right’. They are build on a dark foundation, even if it is unintentional. Perhaps this speaks more to a battle of ideology that might come?

    If it’s literal, we need to get our asses in gear and keep training! I’m going to do an mbo for a shift in symbolism for these dreams to help me understand them, since I didn’t have time to meditate (unless I do some before sleep.)

    The one way I won’t go with this is to assume it’s literal and freak out. I know that overall, things get better. However, there is also going to be localized problems. Earthquakes, sea levels rising, and localized unrest coming from all those natural disasters. I don’t believe WW3 is coming. Basically, I’m not going to take the easy fear based answer. But I’m not finding a good symbolic answer yet either. Oh, I should note that the buildings that fall often are due to a natural disaster, but not always. So perhaps it is related? I’m still leaning away from a literal answer though. I mean, we all live far away. That isn’t changing anytime soon.

    Thanks for the reminder of your dreams. That’s helpful.

  3. Brenda Shorter Says:

    Like you I have had many many many airplane crash dreams. I have never been inside the planes as they crash,Im always looking up in the sky to witness it happen from the ground. I have dodged many an airplane, explosion or flying debris parts usually seeking some kind of cover or confidently watching them before and after they hit the ground. Im usually left with a feeling of panic and dread knowing the consequences of what just happened. Sometimes trying to get to the wreckage to help them other times I dont “care” knowing there is nothing I can do. but still feel bad either way. I have seen countless different kinds of aircraft crash, from Old warplanes, Jet Liners ,Helicopters, Experimental planes,Futuristic sci fi planes,Rocket ships and everything in between. I could never figure out why I have these dreams and finally I started searching the internet looking for answers but nothing really explained what I was seeing because I have never been in the planes at the time,always watching from the ground. I came across your blog and said WOW this person has the same kind of dreams I do,and felt compelled to let you know I have the same unexplained dreams every so often and dont know why. Im Not particularly fond of planes nor am I afraid to fly in them I just have a weird knac for watching them crash in my dreams. I still dont know what it means but at least now I know im not the only one with unexplained airplane chaos dreams. Brenda.

  4. butchjax Says:

    I wonder if it’s related to watching other people’s dreams crash? Or even your own dreams? Do you have lots of ideas that you get excited about and then abandon? Or they otherwise fall apart?

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I had another dream last night. This time I was at a football field, and a fighter plane was flying overhead. Another plane (a fuel plane) hooked onto it and the fighter plane came crashing straight down onto the field, killing all the football players. I never worry about the debris. The last three or four times I have had a plane crash dream, I say in my dream “finally I have seen this in person and can quit dreaming about it”. I am nervous when I see planes flying nearby. I am not afraid to fly on a plane though. In my dreams there have been many, many different kinds of planes…all crashing to the ground or into a mountain, although last time it was a small plane that just exploded in the sky. Once, and only once, I was on the plane. You say this is part one….is there a part two?

  6. butchjax Says:

    Part two is what the dream means, which I never wrote. At this point I believe it’s related to hopes, dreams, or creations of either myself or others. Have you asked yourself if you are seeing your dreams or ideas fall apart around you? That they get off the ground but never keep flying?

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you this helped tremendously!!

  8. butchjax Says:

    No problem

  9. Lori Says:

    Recently I too, Have had 2 dreams of jets crashing outside our home. I see people jumping out of the plane. I am Horrified, knowing they are all falling uncontrollably to their deaths. So, In my dream, I start to pray for them. Then I wake up. Left the rest of the day with a sick feeling in my heart.

  10. butchjax Says:

    Sometimes these are related to evebts in the world. Sometimes other things. They are definitely disturbing. I think praying for them is a great approach.

  11. Geena Says:

    I dreamt of a fighter plane going down. As it was falling I was screaming and willing my family to run in the opposite direction as fast as possible. It seemed the pilot survived and I got a minor injury. But everyone was looking at the damage the crash caused. In the dream, I saw the pilot being taken on a stretcher, I know him in real life and he is a fighter plane pilot. I felt the dream was slightly alarming. I wonder if you ve got any more inputs since you wrote this blog.

  12. butchjax Says:

    Perhaps your pilot friend is picking a course in life that will be very damaging to the people around him, with some damage to himself.

  13. Geena Says:

    Thank you for replying butchjax :). Yes a change is expected to come in his life. I hope it is without an adverse effect on anyone.

  14. butchjax Says:

    Even better than hoping is you can do a benevolent prayer for him. 🙂 Just say this out loud. “I ask any and all beings to create a most benevolent outcome for ____ in his upcoming choices and life changes, and may the results be even greater than I can imagine or expect. Thank you!”

    Wishing you all the best!

  15. Geena Says:

    You know, although I barely know him, saying a prayer is something we can do for everyone, anytime. 🙂 I shall do it. Thank you

  16. butchjax Says:

    Glad I could help!

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