Totem: Arctic Wolf

As I’ve been exploring this further, I found some other interesting things.  And since Andrea thinks the arctic wolf is my totem, and I was leaning between that and gray, I’m going to work with this for now.  The site I’m using is here.

Role ~The Teacher~

Lesson:  Learning & Using Potential

Element: Earth

Wind:  North, Wisdom

Medicine:  Manifestation

native bar



Teacher        Resistance to Change        Stamina

Resilience        Wisdom


Resistance to Change

Arctic Wolf lives in a land frozen in time where, for three quarters of the year, frigid winds blow across the tundra, creating landscapes of sculpted ice.  Here, all life holds its breath while awaiting longer days that will bring the sun to gently bathe all in it’s golden light, coaxing the emergence of new life to dance for awhile in its brilliant rays.  Walking across these bridges and valleys of glimmering snow, the Arctic Wolf, thick white coat ruffled in the frosty breath of the Northern wind, is in a state of contented ~Oneness~ with his surroundings.

***It is said that at the door of each of the Four Winds, a wolf keeps silent vigil, each bringing change to the life of those who walk the Good Red Road and with the change, a lesson unique to that Wind.

The Arctic Wolf is the Wolf of the North Winds.  He stands quietly in rigid determination, unyielding at times, much as the barren landscapes of his home appear to resist the beginning of Spring.  She is a soul that is comfortable with her surroundings and therefore sees no “reason” to change.

Yet the promise of the North Wind is Wisdom unfolding through gratitude and acknowledgment.  This is the Direction in which Wisdom is sifted from the sands of experience and then fashioned into a Red staff of Manifesting that wields personal potential.  Therefore, if White Wolf Soul can accept change when it appears, yet remain true to his/her values, then the higher vibration of Wisdom and Truth can emerge from beneath stubborn resistance like shoots of sweet summer grass bursting forth from a blanket of winters snow.  Thus, Personal Power can be embraced, understood and ultimately, the souls individual potential manifested.***


In a climate in which very little life can exist, Arctic Wolf thrives.  Drifts of snow gather in intricate patterns and shapes, castles of frozen snow glittering in the brilliant light.  Wind, cold enough to freeze exposed flesh, passes nearly unnoticed by Arctic Wolf as he roams the blinding white expanse of his territory, thick white fur keeping him well insulated . . . Mother Earth has prepared him well.

***The individual with Arctic Wolf as their Power Totem is one who is capable of withstanding numerous challenges and setbacks, only to emerge stronger than before.  It is little wonder that these souls will often face adversity in their lives in order to build the resilience with which to overcome obstacles?  Paradoxically, they are also gentle souls with a great deal of emotional sensitivity . . . and this is the area in which they are likely to encounter their greatest lessons.  Yet by calling upon the inner strength and resilience of the Arctic Wolf, they can triumph and raise their heads with gratitude to the loving rays of the Sun.***


The Arctic lands stretch for miles, blinding white expanses that demand respect of all who dwell there.  Upon this vista of pristine white, the Arctic Wolf roams his territory in search of food, a mate or any encroaching threat and will travel up to twenty miles a day, or more, to perform his tasks.

To withstand the harshness of the unrelenting winds, the brutality of an unforgiving and bitterly cold climate, and to do this while traversing many miles, the Arctic Wolf has been engineered with tremendous stamina to fulfill her role in Nature.

***Arctic Wolf soul is an individual who is capable of performing nearly miraculous bouts of stamina that would weary other souls as she travels the good Red Road.

He possesses within him the ability to push his body and mind to the limits, and in fact, can appear to even derive pleasure from doing so.

With each new goal that has been met, Arctic Wolf individual will then set his/her sights on the next task at hand.  Preferably the new goal will be even more challenging than the one just completed, as this engenders the ~acknowledgment~ within their own reasoning that they are ~worthy~ of that which has been given to them, yet the truth of the matter is that anything they have received, has been honestly won.***

* this last part is partially true.  But I don’t see my life as very difficult, I just keep pushing through it.  That’s the resilience that I have, so it’s hard for me to even admit that there have been trying times.  Doesn’t do any good to call them trying anyway.  😉   However, I’m not sure how much physical endurance I have.  lol  I certainly wasn’t a good runner or good on humps with a heavy pack.  But maybe that’s also because I was trying to keep up with those that have long legs!  lol

In any case, this is always interesting to me.

6 Responses to “Totem: Arctic Wolf”

  1. Sue Ann Edwards Says:

    Oh man, it hit me! The only difference is that I don’t have a fur coat. I don’t have any blubber, either. And I don’t like the cold at all.

    Perseverence my aching back. Know what I found out when I related my sense of worth to the quality of ‘endurance’? I was handed a mountain of stuff TO endure. That’s when I called myself a fool and began proclaiming what a pansey I am. I’m PROUD to be a pansey. Rough stuff bruises my petals.

    The Universe responded according to what I chose to value. When I chose to Love me, as in making life ease-ier for me, my life was made ease-ier.

    I don’t have to be a tree. I can be a flower.

  2. danielle Says:

    i have been having dreams, so vivd, that I wake up and wonder if i was really just in the woods running. in my dreams I AM THE WHITE WOLF running in the beautiful forest. . when i read that website its dead on to everything in my life its almost scary…

  3. Joan Decker Says:

    my sister hit a white wolf today in an ice storm, killing it. I am of cherokee blood and feel this is a sign, she was making a wrong path choice. She was on her way to reunite with her babys father whom she urgently left while preganant 9 mo ago, he is trying to trick her into a relationship again. She is on a cross country drive to return to his state, he is traveling in the car beside her. The wold ran fast inbtw both their cars and ran in front of hers causing the car to crash into him. The roads were so bad she could not stop to move the wolf out of the road. therefore the great spirit has not had a proper buriel and resting place. What should I do to pay homage to his spirit? And was this a sign from her totem, to return home and forget reconcilation?? Plz give guidance, wado.

  4. butchjax Says:

    In the end, a sign is only a sign if the person it is meant for receives it. That said, I can share with you my intuitive perspective which could be totally wrong. I’d recommend she read about the totem lessons on the link here: perhaps it will resonate as well.

    As a general spiritual lesson, for an animal, especially her totem, to physically step into her path and sacrifice itself to prevent her from continuing on seems to be a pretty strong message to me. Wolves have the added aspect of having strong family relationships within the pack, but not being very receptive to those outside the pack. One possible message is that she is not to allow this man into her pack. He may have contributed DNA but that does not mean he needs to be a member of the pack.

    It may not be necessary to perform any ceremony to help the wolf on its way, but it can be helpful for her to do something. Follow the heart, but I believe something along the line of: I thank you, Wolf, for your physical sacrifice. While your physical life is ended, your message will save the life of myself and my child. You may continue Home knowing I will do my best to heed your warning and change my path.

    I don’t have a lot of experience with this, so I strongly urge you (and anyone else who reads this) to remember to listen to your intuition. If something I have said resonates with you, then I’m glad to be of help. If not, then I hope my words help you determine another option and your questions are answered in another form. Take care. I’m sorry a wolf had to die, I sincerely hope your sister can figure out her life and not be sucked into a negative relationship, especially now that there is a child in the picture.

  5. Angela Says:

    Thanks for the article, I am very grateful to have come across it. It describes what I’m going threw, what i’ve gone threw and the changes that I’m making in my life that I have followed threw intuition and now determination unlike in the past I was always scared. I just had a dream where my spirit guide showed me my new animal totem. It was odd. He told me that I’m becoming an arctic wolf, and showed me a head like it was a helmet and wanted me to wear it. I was just curious to see what the arctic wolf meant in dreams and came across this article. Right now this article is truly accurate and I hope to embrace my new animal totem.

    Just wanted to share 🙂

  6. butchjax Says:

    So glad to help. It’s an interesting totem, one that I really like. The challenge, I think, is to not become too ‘cold’. Good luck!

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