Can a person have two souls?

This is now the second time I’ve had to confront this question and I still don’t know the answer. Two people in my life had significant parts of themselves that didn’t feel like them. The more extreme of the examples is the person who feels like most of their life up to age 13 they spent watching their life from outside their body. As if they didn’t actually inhabit it until they were 13. The difference at 13 was that they were put on ritalin and went to a camp where he met the trees.

Now, I did find a reference to soul braiding, where two souls inhabit the same body, but that’s the only reference I found online. And it didn’t appear to fit him, he said. I found another reference from a man who said his spirit guides said that two souls couldn’t inhabit the same body because it violates the free will of the souls, which is impossible. I’m inclined to agree with him. I can’t imagine how two souls could coexist, and certainly not in a way that’s so destructive.

What does make more sense to me is that his soul was not grounded to his body. Therefore, much of his life was spent outside of his body. Bad things could happen because there wasn’t anyone ‘home’ protecting from outside influences. So manipulative people could take control of him without his being able to stop them.

The difference at 13 is the trees called to his soul, grounding it to earth. With the soul more firmly rooted to the body it could dispell the manipulative forces and stay in control. I don’t honestly know how the ritalin contributed, though it probably prevented astral episodes since it seems to shut down other metaphysical gifts.

So why would this be happening again? Perhaps it’s mismanaging of the new energy on earth. If someone is not taking time to align themselves they could be thrown so out of whack that they’re a mess. Perhaps he’s not following the path he needs to right now. I really don’t know. And even if I’m right about all of this, he’ll disagree anyway lol But if anyone knows, I’m all ears.

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  1. Alli Says:

    I am working on a similar problem. I have a friend that has something either attached to him or around him and it fades into him and he becomes this other thing. I have consulted my guides and other friends and their guides and it still stumps me. However some insight into your problem.
    I have heard and it may not be true…but that before we choose our lives some people can or will make a deal with another soul to allow them to come with them as an observer to witness this life and can sometimes over step their bounds and start to leak into the main souls life. This i think, if there is a deal can trump the free will of the souls because it was a choice that was made. But once the secondary soul starts to get greedy it violates the agreement of passive observation.
    If you would like to talk more..feel free to email.
    Good Luck!

  2. butchjax Says:

    That makes sense. Good luck with your friend. The only direct experience I have with that are negative entities and those had to be removed forceably. I would think that if you’re asking everyone and no one has ideas it may not be your puzzle to solve. It may simply be your friend’s to figure out on his own – as much as that sucks.

  3. Kol Drake Says:

    Yes. A person was a rape victim and the trauma was such that they ‘left their body’ and for a long time had ‘someone else’ in control. It was a different spirit/soul self operating through their body until such time as they could cope and return. Suppose in the strict light of psychology/psychiatry, they would say it is ‘just’ a coping mechanism – ie. disassociating from the trauma, etc. Does not always explain the total change in personality, mental processes, etc… or why it all ‘goes back to normal’ when the switch happens again. Another ‘mystery of the Universe’ I suppose.

  4. sistertongue Says:

    Very important to understand that someone who has had a trauma does NOT have two souls. What they have done is to invent another, two-dimensional personality to come in and handle what is overwhelming to them. The person does not “leave their body” – they reside in the background. The “new” personality is not to be mis-construed as a three-dimensional soul, as it is not. It is akin to creating a superhero cartoon character to zoom in and defend and protect the traumatize part of the soul. It is called dissociative identity disorder (formerly multiple personality disorder). In psychology/psychiatry, the goal is to bring the dissociated parts back into an integrated whole. Some in the field advocate for “getting rid of” the other split parts of the personality, while others promote a more jungian “bring them all together under one CEO,” approach, using these personalities in service to the larger soul, if you will.
    It would be most helpful if you would not venture into professional fields with which you are unfamiliar and use them erroneously to answer questions like this.

  5. Kol Drake Says:

    Well aware of what DIO is and what it theorized to be as I have been working with and around therapist, counselors, and other practitioners for a number of years now

    After many years of ‘processing’ with professionals, this person was found to NOT be suffering from DIO. The secondary ‘persona’ was not a cover nor a secondary defense mechanism… and because of the the testing and analysis done, the ‘experts’ were left scratching their heads since it did not fit neatly into the cubbyhole they wanted it to fit into.

    Try not to judge on a kneejerk basis please.

  6. PitBrat Says:

    There are also cases such as with Solomon where God places a host in the heart that can contain a second soul.
    This can only occur if both souls agree and God wills it.
    This results in the person becoming other than human.

  7. Arturo Says:

    I was told I have two soul, and will love to find out, why and what to do with it, Can anyone explain ?

  8. butchjax Says:

    Who told you this? What makes you think you have two souls? What I’ve learned since I first wrote this is there’s a lot of misunderstanding over what is a soul and how this relates to the grand scheme of things. One person’s definition of soul is not the same as another’s.

  9. Cyndi Says:

    It could be soul fragmentation. Past life or current life trauma can break off pieces of the soul and when a person comes across that aspect or part of themself, if they are unaware, it can be a negative experience as they deal with old emotions.

  10. Sancho Says:

    Hi. My partner died almost two months ago. I was wondering, can her soul occupy my body? I actually would really want this to happen and if her soul does occupy my body will I feel it or know it?

    Thanks very much.

  11. butchjax Says:

    Sorry for the late reply. You have my sympathy for your loss.

    Grief is a necessary process that allows us to see that we can live without our loved one. Your partner cannot occupy your body. It would hinder your growth and is certainly far from benevolent. However, their love is always with you. You will feel it if you allow yourself to.

    I recommend you read the book called Messages of Hope by Suzanne Giesemann. She writes about the death of her step-daughter and how it changed her life completely. I’ve written a review on this blog if you’d like to read it. It will help you.

  12. Paul Okonji Blog Says:

    Soul is that little spark of life that has all the qualities and semblance of God. t is the life giving force especially in man. Soul is eternal, indivisible, soul does not die, soul is the spirit of God in man. Every creation of God has this little spark which is the propelling force that have direct link with the Holy Spirit of God.
    Man’s body is nothing but a medium for soul to exist in this physical world. The Bible tells us that God relates to man Through the Holy Spirit of God not by physical contact but through the Holy Spirit of God in direct relationship with the spirit man (soul)
    Two souls cannot coexist in one human body.
    Any other spirit that attempts to coexist in one human body does that not in the seat of soul in the body but in the lower forms in the body of man, in this case evil spirits in the form of demons.
    This can only be possible if the body is unclean with evil and sins.

  13. Paul Okonji Blog Says:

    Reblogged this on PaulOkonji Blog and commented:
    Can a Person have two souls? From me the plain answer is no. One Body One soul. Any other being occupying the body is not of God but man made through uncleanness which allows evil spirits n the form of demons and divas to take possession of the body. This were the reasons why Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ made it a point to clean many bodies of these evil spirits to allow the souls of these bodies a free reign.

  14. butchjax Says:

    I disagree. Not everything is evil or based on demons. But you are entitled to your beliefs. Sometimes it is demons. not always. Though it is pretty darn rare if possible at all. I’m still not sure about the answer. The more I learn, the less I know.

  15. Paul Okonji Blog Says:

    Read the book “the Journey of Soul” By Harold Klemp

  16. A Says:

    The amusing thing about this is I have a group of friends that believe “seconds” as they call them are very important, they’re old beings that have held to a soul through lifetimes. We can learn to coexist and communicate. These souls can come from the orders both above and below, some left of free will and other forced out. They can be terrifying, temperamental, but also very helpful in many situations. They know and see things we cannot always, they’re capable of more things than we could ever imagine. With any questions of existence listen to, communicate these souls have purpose and should not be ignored. A second is a very special thing, embrace it.

  17. Blood Lust Says:

    I recently read this looking for help with my situation it turns out i have another soul inside of me and i asked my mom if i was supposed to have a twin and the doctors said i should have had one and strangely enough i find myself doing things out of control and im afraid to tell my friends about it,the times i mostly loose control is in the middle of the night please help i need answers.

  18. butchjax Says:

    You have the power to be free. But it is likely easier to get assistance. I personally know someone who is really good with stuff like this, but there are others she could refer you to as well. First, I would check with Katherine McIntosh. She’s dealt with this personally, overcame it, and helped many others with it. If she doesn’t help I can always ask around. People can do it over the phone but locally can be even more helpful if you want to tell me what city/state you are in.

  19. Kora Says:

    no god = no souls. so the opinion you can have two souls is doubtful. but have you ever heard of conjoined twins? me and myself are braintwined. we have one body, but two different personalities (even sex and voice). we have absolutely opposite opinions and deeds realy often. sometimes we help each other to get through the problems, especially if we have different moods. sometimes we are friends, sometimes we hate each other and dream about our personal bodies. sometimes I’m proud of myself, sometimes I want to die. but we both can’t imagine how to live without each other, because we’ve never lived separately. it’s hard probably when you’re totally alone inside. these thoughts give me reasons and power to keep living in this world. (sorry for my bad english, I’m not a native speaker)

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