Laid off and building

I was laid off June 30 and at a sprint ever since it feels. I’m constantly looking at how to build up my three business areas so that I don’t need to return to working a normal job. Honestly, I don’t know how to get another job that pays remotely well anyway. My experience is too specialized and I don’t really want another job anyway. I want to build up my businesses so I can work part time on them and spend time with my daughter and traveling the rest of the time.

I know this was benevolent. I requested a benevolent outcome for this many times, that it happen when the timing was right. Therefore, my faith is strong and I take actions every day to keep moving. My bigger challenge is slowing down to keep notes and get organized.

I’m still waiting on severance to hit my bank account. Thankfully we had a little savings, but it’s only 1 paycheck worth. So we really need that money quickly so I can pay the mortgage for July. I suspect they’ll call me Monday asking about it. But this is why I bought, because you don’t immediately get kicked out.😉 The real fun is that we leave July 27 for 2 1/2 weeks for a trip that was planned ages ago. We did make it cheaper by cancelling our flights and car rental which were all fully refundable. We’re staying in rustic cabins the first two nights (Wyoming and South Dakota) so we get to save money there and see a new part of the country. We’re staying with a friend in Minneapolis the third night, my parents couch the 4th, and then the next two nights we’re staying at a vrbo rental in Upper Michigan with my parents. In Indiana we got an airbnb for only $45 a night which is awesome. And on the way back we’re staying at a ranch in Kansas! Melody is going to flip at having horses and cows around! And I’m honestly excited too. Too much time in the city messes with me. Especially after the 4th of July illegal fireworks (including loud mortars) and tonight hearing two gun shots at midnight. I really don’t like this much city. It’s extra motivation to keep building so we can move.

I better get to bed. I will have a separate post at some point about hosting an Usborne Book Party to get free books, but at this point, if anyone wants to help me out, and help yourselves, parties are super easy and you don’t have to sell a ton to get rewards. Free book credit starts at only $85 in sales and the books are excellent! If you just want to place an order and fall in love like I have you can do so at The customer special is amazing right now. You get 6 wipe clean books plus two pens for only $17! These are great for pre-school and kindergarten levels and very durable! Let me know if you want some recommendations.:-)

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