Instagram:Not a bad first time making a pendulum. The rock came from the Big Thompson river and is mica and granite. The cord is hemp. The other stones are moonstone, labradorite, calcite, onyx, and rhodochrosite. Thanks to @ancientbodyworks for the classes that helped me connect to the pendulum as a tool.

Instagram:Spent a few minutes being #untamed in a tiny canyon on Storm Mountain today. The smells, the sounds, simply phenomenal.

Instagram:So happy!!! Got my tattoo inspired by @glennondoyle #Untamed. Now I have a constant reminder of how to be all of me. Grateful for @lilith_tattoos at Bonaroo for the beautiful and extra sanitary work. The handwriting is mine, a message to myself. It’s also a practice in reducing judgment of myself. Every time I try to criticize my uneven handwriting I remind myself to be kind to myself. This is also my first visible tattoo, which means I’m pushing to show myself more. Here’s to being untamed. #GetUntamed

Temporary challenges

The past two weeks has been hard. So damn hard. I had a long chat with my guides last night and realized part of the problem is a side affect of all my positive changes. Between Ritalin and my focus on improving my health I’m a lot more open, which has made me more sensitive to both the recent oppressive energies and electronic signals. It’s why my batteries are draining faster than they should, and makes my emotional highs less than they should be, which is contributing to other mood issues.

One thing I’m to do is go outside and play in the yard but leave my phone on the porch. I use a bluetooth speaker for music. This allows me to truly disconnect and be a better parent and person.

The other things I’m focusing on is to set timers to stop working and take a break. Maintain the to-do lists and keep them where I can see them. And be very consistent with the time I take my Ritalin. These are my focus for now while I regain momentum.

At least the energy should shift today, so we’ll see how it goes. I have a ridiculous amount of work to do in all areas, so there’s no giving up.

Melody is constantly building or creating something.

Instagram:This kid slept 4 hours in her bed and then gave me awesome cuddles this morning. Not a bad start to Mother’s Day.

First time scrying

I took a class tonight that I genuinely didn’t expect to be what it was. I knew it was about connecting to the higher realms, but that was all. It turned out to be a primer on a few things, but the most new was scrying with a pendulum. This is something that I’ve struggled with while experimenting in the past, because I tend to overthink.

Today was different. In the class I just practiced with yes and no answers. I got a clear yes when asking if my main guide was present. Then I asked each of the four archangels that were present if they were there for me or not, since it was a group. Interestingly I received a yes on two and a no on two. For the record, the angels that gave me a yes were Raziel and Alexandra (who is also known as Metatron). I’ll explore this information in depth at another time, but my minimal research was interesting.

The class was definitely handy for learning. Afterwards I looked for a scrying chart. I finally found one that worked well to print and tried it out. I can now say it’s much easier to ask yes or no questions than ask for letters, but it was still interesting.

What I discovered is that one of my guides simply wants to go by a letter rather than a name, at least at this point. I asked if they were a writing guide and the answer was halfway between a yes and a no, which felt very much like sort of to me. That led me to ask if they were a guide for other things which was a yes. That was pretty cool.

I also discovered that when there was no answer to give, the pendulum was very still. I tried asking what I should name a character in an upcoming book and it really did feel like the answer was nope, not even going there. So that was amusing.

This is something I’ll have to continue to practice because, while it’s slow, it seems to work! And of course, the more I do it, the better it will be.

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