Belly laughs

Sometimes she can really turn it on. Lol she hasn’t been laughing as much due to the teething so this was especially nice.  

Comic Con Selfie

First comic con

Today we went to Denver Comic Con. She had a blast!

 We forgot it was this weekend until Friday. I scrambled and found an Etsy store a little over an hour from our house. I sent her a message asking if she had any Doctor Who ones in stock. She had blanks so made this one real quick. We met her at Red Robin. It was amusing. She has a lot of awesome stuff. Her store is Fabric Owl Creations

We’re going back tomorrow. 

TARDIS onesie


she wasn’t scared


back to the future !


Awesome sand speeder


Making friends with R2


exhausted on the way home


15 weeks or 3.5 months 

Chatty video   

Growth spurts steal free time

Holy crap! This kid spent so many days eating constantly (ok every 2 hours, give or take a half hour) that I had zero time to do anything. Add to that her teething and there’s a reason we haven’t done 3 month pictures yet! I’m going to do something cleverish and do 3.5 month pictures at this rate. Right now Melody is watching Baby Einstein Mozart which is soooo helpful. She’s increasingly upset with her teeth. I picked up some babyganics clove oil and that really helped. We’ll toss the teething tablets in her soon. Hopefully they break through so we can get past this part.

I always wanted to minimize screen time with Melody, but when she’s upset we relent. Baby Einstein dvds were discovered in the house while looking for some old vhs tapes. She loves them! We’ve also done some old school Sesame Street for a few minutes and Mr Rodgers. She of course watches our shows to some extent, as we aren’t going to avoid our shows to cut her screen time. She gets distracted by all screens but it’s because they’re bright. So I’m not stressing on it.

She’s getting so good at grabbing things, laughing, smiling, and kicking. Boy can she kick! Diaper changes are becoming interesting because she keeps kicking. She’s also getting stronger and better at standing and sitting with assistance. I never do tummy time but thankfully my wife does and she’s getting stronger there too.

This last weekend we went to the Five Points Jazz Festival for a little while. She got to hear live music for the first time, show off, and we got to eat something yummy. Then on Sunday I took her to the farmer’s market. One of the vendors looked at me for a second, and then gasped and said “You had your baby!” lol So I introduced her to Peanut. It was fun.

I go back to work in two weeks. I’m not looking forward to it. She still has so many firsts to do, and it’s too likely I’ll be at work for them. Plus when I get home she’s going to want me and I have no idea how to get anything done at that point. At least we’ve booked two camping weekends, the 4th of July and at the end of August. We want to do one more trip perhaps, but it depends. I know I have nothing to complain about with regards to work. I got 17 weeks which is more than most. I just wish I didn’t have to work.

In these last two weeks I’m trying to somehow get the house clean. Not clean clean, but functional clean. We have a friend of the MIL coming for an hour Thursday to help. Hopefully she can come for an hour a week to help catch us up a bit. The MIL isn’t a good help in that department unfortunately. I need to feed her so I better go.


watching baby Einstein


breast milk popsicles


I’m not tired


I love sleeping after eating


We have video!

Finally can do this from my phone!

I love how she literally dives into things. 


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