First bongos 


After a long week with a fussy and at times inconsolable baby we appear to be back to normal. Peanut is able to sleep better and is laughing more. She still gets fussy but it’s a big improvement. Today I took her to the farmers market and also grocery shopping. I took these pictures at the store. 


More words

Last night she randomly said hello in the middle of playing. What’s funny is she just said the word, rather than saying it in the middle of baby babble. Tonight she barely said mama. She was looking at me while I brushed my teeth so I didn’t hear it myself. 
Add to the words some crawling progress. She’s starting to figure out how to shift her weight so she can pick up her arms without falling. Right now it results in a lot of falling. Lol

She’s been running a fever this week. Tonight even Tylenol didn’t bring it all the way down. She feels generally crappy so is rather pissy. Hopefully she does better tomorrow. 

Her music thinking face 

Butches + Babies tumblr

So this is a thing that I wasn’t really aware of because Tumblr confuses the hell out of me. Seriously, why create a ‘blogging’ platform that you can post comments in? Maybe I’m too old. haha Anyway, I submitted my picture to it as did my friend El who is the very next post which is awesome.

All you butch parents, submit a picture. The more people see butches giving birth and/or raising children, the more normal it becomes. I know I’m eternally grateful for the butches who came before me and shared their stories in a way that I could find them later.

Sitting and eating feet

We’ve had some progress again. Tonight Peanut ate a fry from famous dave’s. Halfway through she said ‘good’ very quickly. No other random syllables. Maybe coincidence but it was cute either way. She’s also sitting up for longer times and easily getting a foot in her mouth. Crawling is still coming along as well. 

Videos are in reverse chronological order. 


Crawling progress 


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