Fixing my body

This year I’ve made some changes. I’m sticking better to a gluten free diet, but still cheat occasionally. I joined the VA Move Program which is 16 weeks of classes that I barely paid attention to (because it genuinely wasn’t new information) but used it to focus on my eating and exercising. I lost about 15 pounds which feels awesome.

Covid has made it easier to make changes because I have more time to do so. Not a lot more time, but I’m home a lot more so it’s easier to make time compared to ubering all the time. I also get to take qigong and some yoga classes with my favorite teacher which helps a lot. But she’s moving around trying to find a job and place to stay so it’s inconsistent now. In any case, covid made it easier for me to make these changes.

It was almost 2 weeks of really long drives that screwed up my consistency, but I’m still eating less and usually better quality food. I haven’t resumed my nightly walks but I joined a 7 week chin-up challenge that started last week. That reminded me that my joints can have challenges.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed if I kneel on the floor (with feet underneath) then my knee tries to lock up on the inside. It hurts and can take a while to loosen back up. At times it feels tight randomly too. That’s not a strength issue. It might be a flexibility issue. But given the challenges I’ve had with tendons or ligaments in the past when I was running, there’s an underlying issue as well.

I’ve been taking multiple joint supplements which normally help with aching and knee pain. I’ve only been on them for a few weeks so they need more time, but now my shoulder is rather achy from these first two workouts so I’m looking into more detail. I found a website that listed nine options. I used my pendulum and it said to add bromelain and omega 3s. Since I have both already I just added them to my daily supplement plan. I also take callogen, glucosamine, and other things in Melaleuca’s joint blends. Plus my normal anti-inflammatory and now tylenol. Pain is a big distraction for me so I’m trying to make it ease up today.

I’ve also been using essential oils and cupping. My wife’s physical therapist recommended them for post surgical work and they are phenomenal. We see immediate results. And I recalled getting results on my thumb pain when a massage therapist did a ton of cupping on my forearm. Painful at times, but effective.

The cups we got are affordable on Amazon. They’re easy to clean, assuming you have rubbing alcohol, and work for moving cupping which is different from static cupping. I’ve been using them on my forearms, my knee, and now my whole arm after chin-up workouts. They allowed for significantly less pain after my first incredibly difficult workout.

Since they really need oil I use fractionated coconut oil, add copaiba (which is amazing) and blue heat (or a similar muscle rub blend if you use something besides Melaleuca). It’s been reducing pain for both of us.

In the past I might have given up already, but I love feeling stronger. I want to be a good example for the girls I coach in soccer so being more fit helps there. And I want to be able to enjoy more play time with my daughter. Plus, I like looking good. I fought that ‘why’ for a while but it’s true. I like looking better. I even like the idea of someone finding me attractive – as long as they don’t actually tell me or hit on me. lol

My wife and I are starting to work out together as part of her rehab, and really mine as well. Going for walks with her and Melody will be great too. It will make us a stronger family which we need, especially with the changes coming next year and beyond.

I’m excited, I just want the aches to be less annoying. Hopefully in a month I’ll have a good strategy.


She’s hilarious with her challenges.

She wanted mommy to play ‘real’ lol first time Carrie touched a basketball in years. Now it’s part of her knee rehab.

She’s getting better!

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Silly squirrel

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