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New qigong practice

This month I have gone to two qigong classes. They have been wonderful (side note, wonderful is a favorite word of Melody’s which is adorable). Back on track… Qigong is something I’ve learned mostly from books, some videos, and one very short class. I always enjoy it but never had an awesome teacher. Until now. It’s a new lineage. Details on that can be found at the master’s website: I really want to go to Santa Fe, only 5 hours from me, and take a class sometime. But my teacher, Candace, is excellent. She gives us these little nuggets throughout the class. The psycho social and emotional aspects as well as the energetic. And there’s this strong connection to, well, connection. To the lineage, and to whoever we connect to.

Throughout the class I randomly feel tears well up, which shows the energy moving in a different way. The end of the class is the most powerful for me. We do a martial bow to the outside of the circle, to those who came before us. It hits me intensely, to the point where my eyes tear up and I could just cry if I allowed it. I’m not making it wrong, just find it interesting. I have felt that before, when meeting my guide in meditation for the first times. So tonight I asked the guides who else was there besides my guide, and they said lots of people. Apparently I am pulling in a lot of people with that qigong class. Past life connections, including soldiers I served with, current life connections…hence the intensity. I honestly can’t tell you why I do it, as it’s not a cognitive process. Perhaps I need that reminder that there are so many beings ready and willing to contribute to me if I just let them. A reminder that people have my back. Life is so challenging right now financially that I need that more than ever.

Even tonight as I sat at the computer I can tap into this feeling of timeless connection. It’s so hard to describe, but it’s very tangible. I’m so grateful for this experience. I gladly drive 40 minutes and pay my $10 donation for this. It’s beneficial on so many levels. I’ve never been one for tai chi, and haven’t found the right yoga for me either. But qigong really works for me.

I found this class on I highly recommend everyone check out meetup and consider trying out some qigong. Maybe you’ll luckout and find a great teacher who lives the deeper practices like mine, who radiates wisdom and understanding. A monk in civilian clothing. I really hope to have her teach our Jedi at the Praxeum someday. Or even before then. I envision having her create month long practices that we practice daily. Then each month she changes it up based on the seasons. It gives us time to really learn it and practice while getting the power of qigong, which is how it flows with nature. Or maybe I just want that for me. 😉

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