6 weeks 

This child impresses us often. She holds her head up more and more. She’s starting to push up with her arms when she’s on our chest. She’s still plenty far from doing it on the ground but she’s doing well. 

She LOVES baths. We wash her in the little tub and then put her in the big tub with us. We hold her head and butt while letting her float as safely as we can. As she builds body fat she’ll float better. Because of this we’re taking her to Glenwood Springs to hang out in the hot spring. We ordered her a full swim outfit from Honest company since it’s 25% off with our diaper order. We are doing the full shirt because the sun is so intense in Colorado. Hopefully it will fit her. 

The past two days she’s started making random cooing sounds. It’s only a few times but very cute. She’s also doing better in the car and stroller. I took her for three walks this week/weekend to help me get back into shape. Twice we took the stroller and once we took a carrier. She did better in the carrier but it’s too hard on my back for that type of activity yet. Once I catch up on more sleep and nutrients I’ll start lifting weights. Right now it’s risky. 

We’re working to get everyone on a normal schedule instead of this inverted one. To do so we use the bath to relax unless she’s already sleeping. It’s a learning process. My wife has been amazing. Since she wasn’t going to sleep anyway she took Peanut all night two nights ago. I only had to feed her once and got some deep sleep. We’re balancing between us pretty well. 

The biggest help has been gripe water which she loves. It’s greatly cut down on gas discomfort and really helped our sanity. I recommend it. 

Yesterday we picked up her Godmother from the airport so things are simultaneously easier and challenging. Normal introvert stuff. I need to drop the truck off for body work so I’ll leave this with pictures. 

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Self weaning oxygen 

Someone decided she wasn’t going to put up with tubes in her nose anymore! She kept ripping the tubing out of the stickers on tbe side of her head. After trying to fix it many times last night we gave in. It was a losing battle. 

So far so good. Her breathing seems fine. Her congestion is improved. And the nose piece irritated her nose. We go to the doctor in the afternoon to check her oxygen and I’m sure they’ll say she’s done with oxygen anyway. 

Our remaining issue is her gas causing her pain. I finally broke down and tried gripe water which seems to take the worst of it away. It’s pretty expensive to use all the time but to have less crying seems to be worth it, especially at night. The other night I spent 5 hours either nursing or comforting her which isn’t sustainable. Part of the problem was energy waves hitting her but the gas is the worst. I’m also going to reduce my dairy intake in case she’s sensitive to the milk proteins. We suspect this is simply having an immature digestive system. 

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Her first fall

Today Peanut decided to leap from my wife’s arms. My wife did an awesome one armed catch but she still hit the back of her head solidly on the oak bed frame. Scary as hell! I told her to run Cellular Memory body process immediately. She calmed down once the energy was running but we still went to the ER. 

Everyone was very understanding. There was no swelling or pressure so they just kept us there for an hour, checked her pulse ox (100% with the oxygen) and had me nurse to see if she would throw up. If it weren’t for the two red lines on the back of her head you’d never know she hit it. 

We’ve put foam that we already had on the closest part of the frame in case she does it again. Here’s a picture. The white is the foam. 

The nurse kept saying how beautiful she was and that she seemed older than her age because she was so alert and interactive. I wonder if she’ll do anything behind ‘schedule’. Lol

Real smiles

She’s consciously smiling! Here are the many faces of Melody today. 5 weeks old. 

Edit: added two screen captures from the video. Her full smile crinkles her nose. It’s adorable!

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Help me out WordPress 

Last night I couldn’t remember what I last posted here so I used the app to check and it lied to me! That’s why the prior post was a big summary. After too little sleep I had no clue where I left off so I trusted WordPress. Whoops! Oh well. It was useful for updating others. 

Last night was our least amount of sleep. Peanut was fussy because her oxygen tube kept coming out so she wasn’t breathing well. We’re both finally feeling the sleep deprivation. I’m used to two sleep periods of 3-4 hours. It’s not enough but it works. This week was more often 3 hours or less. Last night was just 3 hours broken. My wife is getting less because she’s worried about Peanut. So we’re hurting a bit. I’m hoping for a nap after the groceries arrive. Which means she needs to sleep. But babies can be harder to convince to sleep which I find strange. I guess life gets too exciting. 

Yesterday brought 2 milestones of sorts. She took a nap in the co-sleeper. 

Later in another nap attempt she rolled herself onto her stomach which then pissed ber off. Lol

Perhaps tonight she will sleep in it again. It is safer. 

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One month and sick

Wow it’s been a while. That little cold turned out to be RSV which landed Peanut in the hospital last Monday through Thursday. She needed the deep suction the hospital can do plus oxygen as her levels were in the low to mid 80’s. 

While in the hospital Peanut turned a month old. I wanted to take pictures anyway. 

Now that we’re home she stays on a small amount of oxygen until at least Friday when they check her ar the pediatrician’s office. 

Last week they measured her. At one month she was 7 pounds 15 ounces and 21 inches! She’s growing long fast. That might be the donor’s DNA as he’s tall and slim. Or it’s totally unrelated. Either way she’s outgrowing the smaller newborn clothes and her small swaddlers. 

We’re having some grandmother drama but that’s for another day. I prefer to focus on how much we love this kid. She’s the best. Even when she has a bad day like today and she cries more, I just want to cuddle and kiss her head. 

Last night was the first in the bed since we first brought her home. We are putting her lengthwise in a cervical pillow to keep her a bit safer. She isn’t quite ready for the co-sleeper yet, probably because she’s not feeling well. She did great last night. I’m hoping she sleeps a lot tonight. She’s in a growth spurt, plus mildly constipated and gassy, plus fighting off the last of the virus. She’s nursing every 1.5-2 hours plus just wanting lots of comfort. But she’s not screaming much which is nice. 

Oh yeah, when she was more sick she nursed less so I asked to pump in the hospital as it was becoming painful and I didn’t want to damage my supply. I don’t get a lot out yet but my wife has given her 2 bottles at night now and enjoyed it. The Dr Brown glass bottles are great by the the way. Here’s her first bottle at home. 

We’ve also started with pacifiers which my wife decided to call num nums. It’s fun. She doesn’t always do well with them, spitting them out, but she likes them overall. And none of these things cause nipple confusion. She nurses quite well. 

She’s also holding her head up often and for a good chunk of time. She’s been doing it for over a week. She won’t have any problems meeting that benchmark at 2 months. Here she is holding her head up March 1st. 

Well she’s done eating. Better change her and try to get her down. 

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Safely home 

Peanut was discharged today. Her congestion was much improved, to the point where we can handle it at home. However her oxygen levels are still too low to go without supplemental oxygen. We now have a massive tank plus 6 small tanks in the house for use until her levels get above 90%. She made massive improvement from yesterday to today. 

Last night I was on a phone call with Katherine McIntosh and asked what she picked up from Peanut. A few things came up, including talking to her about not needing to feel everyone’s stuff to heal it. I expect to have this discussion with her many times in her life. We were also told to tell her that any oaths she carried from previous lives could be released now. My wife actually felt something release when we did that. After the various mini discussions she improved quickly. 

We called Katherine tonight and it seems our little one is only about 75% here yet, which isn’t uncommon. There are a few body processes she recommended, restoration of communion with the earth, zero sum of trauma, and telling her to take whatever she requires from us. She needs to know that we’ll be there completely for her. I don’t really understand why but coming to this world is quite shocking to many sensitive  beings. 

At this point we feel a lot better about everything. We also booked our hotel for Glenwood Springs in April so we can spend time at the hot springs and see Katherine. She hasn’t met Peanut in the physical yet and she’s played a critical role in her being here now so we really want to see her. :-)


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