1 month at the hospital 

Today os day 2 at the hospital with Peanut. She started getting sick last week after my wife had already been sick a few days. The pediatrician said to suction her nose, use saline in her nose, use steam, and keep an eye on it. We called on Monday and they got her in right away. They were pretty sure it was RSV and since her oxygen levels were in the 80’s they put her on oxygen and had her admitted. 

She’s doing pretty well overall but the hospital can suction her much better than we can. She did test positive for RSV which tends to be worst between day 5-7 which is starting today I think. She’s eating more but still doesn’t nurse as long. Today I decided to start pumping to keep my supply up. Plus we need her taking the occasional bottle by the Garth Brooks concert the 24th. Pumping is weird and it was hard to trigger let-down but I got about 1.5 ounces between the two. It’s a start. 

Peanut is a month old today. On Monday she was 7 pounds 15 ounces and 21 inches! She’s getting long fast! Almost 3 inches in a month seems a bit crazy. Maybe  choosing a tall donor is paying off. 

And a side note, I lost about 25 pounds within 2 weeks of birth! When I can workout I hope to keep the size down and just build muscle. I want to take advantage of this. 

Here are some pictures of our sick Peanut. I finally got a decent picture of her eyes. We’ll take nicer pics when she’s healthier. 

First colds

My wife has a fun little cold. I feel fine and Peanut is clearly benefiting from my immune system through breast feeding. She started getting a little congestion with some coughing and sneezing today. She’s sleeping more and eating a little less. Considering my wife has been sick for a couple days, Peanut’s immune system is doing well. 

My hope is she doesn’t get worse and we don’t need to use the snot sucker. Here’s our little snuggle bug tonight. 

Melody’s Baptism

My wife and I come from different faith traditions. I was raised WELS Lutheran, my wife is of the Catholic persuasion. Her mom is not religious at all, my parents still attend Lutheran church. And as I’ve written about before, church is a complicated challenge for me. We both agreed that we wanted our children baptized, as it confers a certain amount of protection from those entities who believe in that sort of thing. There’s also the added benefit of making my family feel better about us having a kid. My only concern was avoiding the traditional baptism into a denomination aspect. That meant looking at non-denominational churches. From my prior research I figured the Unity church would be a good option so we called the closest church to find out if they did baptisms for non-members. My wife actually called when we were still in the hospital, since we kept forgetting to call before hand. She had a good vibe from the pastor at Unity Church of Denver so we went with it, in spite of the price tag ($200). Before the tools of Access Consciousness I would have said no, but it felt light to pay the money. We may not know why it’s light, most likely because they will put that money to good use, but it doesn’t matter. Gotta follow the light energy.

We scheduled the baptism for February 18th, in the afternoon so hopefully we would be able to catch her awake and fed. My mom actually found my original baptism gown and brought it with her which is impressive on many levels. My parents have way too much cluttered stuff at the house, so finding the gown was a miracle in itself. She brought the bib back with them so my aunt can embroider my information and Melody’s information on it so when/if she eventually has kids they can use it too (in theory).

The way Unity does baptism is as a recognition that children are already divine, so it’s up to the parents to remember this and cultivate this divinity. It’s a very beautiful ceremony, in spite of her fussiness. She loved the pastor and hugged him with her energy even as she cried. She was just over tired. Afterward we went to eat since my wife and I hadn’t had time to eat before hand.

Here’s some of the pictures from the ceremony.

P1080664 - Copy P1080699 - Copy P1080731 - Copy P1080732 - Copy P1080737 - Copy

More pictures

First bath

We put the first bath off but it was finally time. We tried to make it less stressful by using washcloths to keep her warmer and a heating pad to warm her towel. She wasn’t thrilled but she had a few moments of calm. And at least she’s clean for her 2 week birthday.



The faces of Melody

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Day 12

Finding titles when it’s just a normal update and I’m not in pregnancy anymore is hard!

Today Peanut has been eating more, likely in preparation for a growth spurt that should happen around the 2 week mark. I think we’re going to make a lactation appointment as she isn’t latching as deeply as she should. While the nipple pain goes away typically within a minute like it should, the pain is pretty intense at first. And there are definitely times when she is barely latching. With a deep latch we could spend less time nursing which would be really nice. Then more time could be spent sleeping or playing. Besides, I don’t want it to be so painful at first, though my nipples don’t look the worse for wear. Basically, I want professional advice because what I was taught doesn’t seem to be sufficient. The other thing we need to check on is her little baby boobs. Due to the hormones of birth and all that hers are swollen with a possibly blocked duct. It doesn’t look infected, but it seems to be a bit painful at times. We’re keeping an eye on it.

Yesterday she had a good streak going of peeing during a diaper change. The most impressive was the second time with my wife where she made an actual fountain! Thankfully we’ve learned to use two layers of protection when changing her, since we’re not going to the changing table at this point. That would require leaving the living room.

My wife has been giving lots of kisses which is teaching Peanut to actual anticipate them. It’s adorable. What’s funny is ‘the internet’ says she shouldn’t be responding so much to us, but clearly there are kids who do respond early. It will be interesting to see how she continues to develop.

I find myself continuously surprised at how slowly my insides are healing. I mean, I know intellectually that my body did something intense, which basically bruises the body from the inside. If I were eating the amount of food I ‘should’, that might also speed the healing, but I haven’t figured out how to eat that much yet. The bleeding has reduced at least, so that’s good. Sometimes I need to use the ice pack if I overdo it, but not every day. On the plus side, my emotions have evened out a lot so I haven’t had such a bad time as those two days last week. I even took a quick grocery trip without issue. Hooray! Now I can start making appointments for other things, like the chiropractor.

Today my parents arrived. That leaves me with a tad more free time. I finally paid up some bills and have a huge list of things to do tomorrow to start catching up on life. I totally forgot to add Peanut to the insurance, which needs to happen asap. We also want to get to the stores to shop for a new car seat that she will hopefully like better. We have the money from our tax refund and it will make a difference on road trips and such.

And now, it’s time to get back to baby life. Time to feed her and get everyone to bed.

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